Best Fire Staff: 5 Staffs for A Unique Flow Experience (2018)

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A fire staff is very unique in the world of flow arts. It falls under the category of fire performance (also called fire arts), which as you could probably guess, involves fire and flowing.

But what exactly are flow arts? They’re the act of creative movement, generally with the use of a prop. These props vary significantly. Popular types of flow are hoops and poi, but they also include whip, fans, and of course, staffs.

Staffs, like any other flow toys, usually fall within one of three categories: “Plain”, LED, and fire. Plain simply indicates it doesn’t have any fancy bells and whistles. LED flow toys light up, and fire flow toys are literally set on fire.

So, a fire staff is a flow toy you can light on fire. It’s usually made of wood or metal, and has a kevlar wick on each end. Once the staff’s set ablaze, you can begin your flow session.

Fire dancing–a form of fire performance–has been around since the Aztecs. There were, however, a number of ancient civilizations that participated in fire arts around the same time. However, modern day fire arts didn’t come about until much later–although it’s hard to pinpoint an exact date.

Today fire arts, and thus the use of a fire staff, are practiced worldwide. Festivals are a common place to see flow arts, although fire isn’t generally permitted. So if you’d like to flow inside of a venue, opt for an LED or normal flow toy. But, if you’re heading to a flow session without security, feel free to bring your fire staff.

This list contains the top five best fire staff models. Because fire staffs come in so many sizes, this list is set up by length. So, the first capsule has the shortest fire staff, while the last capsule has the longest one.

Below, you’ll find where to buy a fire staff, and the pros and cons of each. Find your new favorite flow toy.

1. Two-Foot Fire Staff: Trick Concepts 2-Foot Fire Stick

fire staff

Trick Concepts

As you go down the staff spectrum, you come to a point where it changes from a staff to a baton. But a baton is still a staff, in the same way a square is still a rectangle. So if you’re looking for a shorter type of fire staff, consider the Trick Concepts 2-Foot Fire Stick.

This baby is crafted with 3/4-inch aircraft-grade aluminum, which is super strong and durable. It weighs in at a mere nine-ounces. Each end has a single wick with three-feet of 1.5-inch wide kevlar, for maximum burn time. And, they’ve been pre-soaked in liquid fuel. The tube features padded grips, which are heat-resistant and moisture-absorbing. Reflective tape graces the body, to make it easier to see. Use alone, or pair up for a whole new flow dynamic.

Price: $44.46

Buy the Trick Concepts 2-Foot Fire Stick here.


  • Can be used alone, or in a piar
  • Weighs only nine-ounces, measures two-feet in length
  • Features long-lasting kevlar wicks for extended burn time
  • Has padded grips for extra ease


  • If reflective tape gets dirty, it’s hard to see the baton

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2. Four-Foot Fire Staffs: Double Fire Staffs

fire staff

Fire Groove Inc

If one fire staff is awesome, what could make it better? Two, of course. Once you’ve mastered a single staff, you may want to consider expanding your fire flow repertoire. Instead of purchasing two separate units, opt for these Double Fire Staffs by Fire Groove.

These bad boys measure four-feet long, with two-inches wide wicks and a 1/16-inch layer of Kevlar. Both wicks come pre-soaked in liquid fuel. Just add lighter. The tubing is a 3/4-inch aircraft-grade aluminum. In the center, there’s a strip of reflective tape, to make spinning and gripping easier. Staffs weigh 13-ounces each. If you’re looking to get into some double fire staff trouble, look no further than Fire Groove.

Price: $114.46

Buy the Double Fire Staffs here.


  • Comes with two fire staffs – measure four-feet long
  • Each end of the staff has a pre-soaked wick
  • Features reflective tape, for maximum grippiness
  • Made of strong, durable material


  • Double fire staffs are not ideal for beginners

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3. 4.5-Foot Fire Staff: CONTACT Fire Staff

fire staff

Flames N Games – Specialist Juggling Store

In addition to the length of a fire staff, the weight is also something to consider. If the staff is heavy, it’ll move much more slowly. However, if it’s lighter, you can manipulate it faster. So, finding the perfect balance between length and height is necessary to your success. The CONTACT Fire Staff is on the lighter side of the spectrum.

Crafted by Flames N Games, this baby is made with high-quality aluminum, and kevlar wicks. It measures just-over 4.50-feet, and weighs a tiny 1.59-pounds. The wicks measure about 19.7-inches long by 3.9 inches wide, and don’t contain any copper mesh–which can be dangerous during flow. This set up produces large, long-lasting flames. The staff’s ends have two plugs, covered in heat-resistant aluminum, to prevent the flame from spreading. And, you’ll also receive a travel bag to make your life that much easier.

Price: $100.99

Buy the CONTACT Fire Staff here.

Contact staff fire show 2015Improvised opening of the square fire 2015 fire show in Adelaide. Music: Yaima Music, Gajumaru.2015-12-19T06:17:03.000Z


  • Comes with a travel bag – easy to bring with you
  • Staff is made from high-quality aluminum and long-lasting kevlar wicks
  • Measures 4.5-feet, weighs 1.59-pounds
  • Produces bright, brilliant flames


  • Doesn’t break down

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4. Five-Foot Fire Staff: Fire Dancing Staff

fire staff

Dreadful Designs

As with most flow toys, the larger the toy, the slower the movement. A fire staff is no exception. So, the longer the staff, the more controlled the flow. Of course, you don’t want to go too long, otherwise it’s just silly. So, a five-foot fire staff is a great choice.

This Fire Dancing Staff by Dreadful Designs is right up your alley. It features a double two-inch wick, so both sides can be lit. It’s a contact staff, which means you can spin it without the use of your fingers or thumbs. A wooden core prevents heat transfer, and keeps it the perfect weight. The center is indented, so you always have a visual of the middle of the staff. This staff weighs about two-pounds, and has a long-lasting burn. You’ll be thrilled to get your flow on with this flow toy.

Price: $99.98

Buy the Fire Dancing Staff here.


  • Features indented center – allows you to easily see center of staff
  • Has a wooden core to prevent heat transfer
  • Weighs two-pounds, measures five-feet – very well-balanced
  • Burns for a long time


  • If a small piece comes loose in the staff, it will rattle around

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5. Five-Foot Fire Staff: Threeworlds Fusion Contact Fire Staff

fire staff


One of the best things about a big fire staff is, well, its large size. But in the same breath, that length is also a disadvantage. Walking around with a five-foot pole isn’t exactly easy…more like downright cumbersome. Having the ability to break down a staff is super important, especially if you plan to travel. The Threeworlds Fusion Contact Staff is exactly what you’re looking for.

This five-foot fire staff breaks down into three separate pieces. From there, you can use a bag, or some rope to secure them. The Fusion handle will fit any 22-mm tubing, so if you’d like to customize it, you’re able to do so. The grippiness is made of a fuel-resistant rubber. It’s fitted with a kevlar wick, meant to be used for 100s of burns. The ends are capped with aluminum disks, to mitigate any impact damage. Flow, break down, and head home in a flash.

Price: $139

Buy the Threeworlds Fusion Contact Fire Staff here.


  • Breaks down into three sections – easy to travel with
  • Measures five-feet, has a grip made of fuel-resistant rubber
  • Wick is Kevlar & can be used 100s of times
  • Designed to reduce impact damage


  • A bit more expensive than other fire staffs

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