PHOTOS: Freddie Gray Arrest Record Documents


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Way to go! Dig into some of dat truth for a change. I would have, as an officer tried to make contact too. That’s gotta be leagal. I’ve seen it on Cops like a million times, all over the U.S. Looking at his rap sheet, they knew he was no angel. If he wouldn’t have ran, none of this would have happened. I believe in my heart, those cops didn’t “have it in for Freddie”, anymore than they had it in for those other prisoners in that van. He was a know criminal, carrying a knife. I don’t care what kind it was. He was on probation people! When you are on probation, if the cops even get a whif of you doing something wrong,.. The have full legal right to make contact. If you run, your contact just happens to be on the ground. I honestly don’t know what happened to Freddie Gray ( may god rest his soul) he is still a casualty of whatever the problem is in downtown Baltimore. He was no angel, but deserved his day in court. IMO, an accident gone terribly wrong. No seat belt, or his thrashing against van. The truth will come to light. It always does. For sure cameras in back from now on. Call them ” Freddie Can” and I don’t mean that in a disparaging way. At least honor him with that, so this Never happens again. I rest my case!

Shelly Ming

You must think people are STUPID! Well, the average person probably IS. WHERE ARE THE CONVICTIONS? I SEE A LOT OF BARK WITHOUT A BITE! Just because a dirty cop arrests you and tries to make a FELON out of you based on LIES… does not MAKE IT TRUE! WHERE ARE THE CONVICTIONS??????????


Listen, I’m not a judge, nor attorney, but just hear me out. Those cops that arrested him for those offences had to have evidence checked in to even be able to schedule him for a court date. So first they plant evidence, ( 18 times ) what about the assults.? Have to have the person he assaulted make statements to make an arrest. Did the plant that too? Ok, no convictions… You & I know in a big city, drug offences go on the back burner. Some of them were dropped because he’s dead. He never made it to court! And I will admit, I didn’t read all the charges, & outcomes, but he had a PO! There’s only one way you are blessed with on of those bastards. Ya follow. A LOT of pettey drug convictions get thrown out too. Overcrowding., not enough public defenders holds up the wheels. I saw a few that said Pending. Means he has a court date. Do you honestly believe this guy had clean hands, and they were targeting? If you’re angry with all of this, blame your Mayor that everybody loves, blame your city council, blame your police chief. 90% of them are African American! They’ve been handed TONS of $, from the Feds for that city. What did they do with it besides spend it on Inner Harbor? Or pay themselves some nice big bonuses! Be mad at them and their broken ass old Democratic system! If it sounds like I don’t have sympathy for Mr. Gray,,please read my post. It’s time to heal, not to turn on each other. Don’t you know,… The Feds & the Media LOVE this stuff. They get to stir the pot ( a kettle ), then they bail!! They don’t have to live there. Take care, and God Bless Baltimore! Amen!


As a sidebar to my comment. I hope you read it. Just found a fact to support one of my claims. In the reply, i refer to a Ton of money. If you will fact check me, you’ll find. President Obama gave Baltimore (in his fist term) 1.6 Billion, yes billion, in Stimulus money! That was to be used for program, work studies, schools, better housing, playgrounds, after school programs. Hiring the best teachers, revitalizing all of down town. WHERE DID IT GO? This is all tied into this racial injustice issue. It is truely a shame that the First Black President worked us all over, black, white, brown. All of us from the White House, or the golfcorse in his case.

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