Christopher Rider & Charles Krafft: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Christopher Rider, Charles Krafft, Christopher Rider West Virginia, Charles Krafft West Virginia

Facebook/charles.krafft.35 Christopher Rider, left, and Charles Krafft are wanted in connection with a missing West Virginia teen.

An AMBER Alert issued for 14-year-old Nicole Hall of Greenbrier County, West Virginia, who police said was abducted and in extreme danger, has been called off.

On Thursday night, Heavy was informed that the teen was found along with Christopher Rider, 27, and Charles Krafft, 21. The two men were arrested, Robbie Hayes, who has custody of Hall’s brother, told Heavy.

“She was found behind an old store where some old campers sit in Greenbrier County, West Virginia,” Hayes said.

Heavy confirmed with authorities that the girl was found and she is safe.

“Both suspects have been located and arrested by Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department Deputies,” authorities said on the department’s Facebook page. “Nicole Hall was also located and is safe with Deputies at this time.”

An updated press release is expected to be released on Friday, authorities said.

Police believe Rider, a registered sex offender in the state, was armed and dangerous.

Heavy spoke with one of the suspects before Hall was found. Krafft told Heavy that he hadn’t yet turned himself in because he was afraid of being arrested. The man was adamant of his innocence.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Kraaft Told Heavy He Was Too ‘Scared’ to Go to Police & He Was Charged With Sexual Assault in the Past

Nicole Hall West Virginia, Nicole Hall missing, Nicole Hall West Virginia

Greenbrier County Sheriff’s DepartmentAn Amber Alert was issued for Nicole Hall on December 20.

Police issued an Amber Alert for Hall on December 20, stating that she was an “endangered missing juvenile,” and asked for the public’s assistance in the case.

When Heavy spoke with Kraaft, he insisted that he was innocent and the only reason he hadn’t yet gone to police was because he felt “scared.”

When asked why he was afraid, Krafft said he had brought Hall and Rider, who he said were dating, food to a Motel 8 on the night that she disappeared. However, Krafft said it was before the Amber Alert was issued and he didn’t realize that anything was wrong. He still believed he would be arrested and that is what kept him from going to police, he said.

Kraaft added that when he saw the teen, she was “ok.”

Heavy spoke with authorities who asked us to tell Kraaft that he had “30 minutes to come into the station,” or he would be facing multiple felony charges. Heavy communicated the information to the man.

Kraaft also mentioned that he planned on contacting U.S. Marshals, but did not indicate when he would be doing so.

In 2015, Krafft was arrested for allegedly attacking an officer and having sex with a minor.

It was reported that Kraaft was “charged with sexual assault in the third degree, kidnapping, battery on a police officer and obstructing an officer,” according to a criminal complaint filed in Greenbrier County Magistrate Court,” according to The Register-Herald.

In that case, a 15-year-old girl’s mother went to authorities after the teen had gone missing, and indicated to police that she may be with Krafft. Authorities subsequently tracked down the man, who was in fact with the girl.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by The Register-Herald, Krafft admitted to police that he “dated the girl for three weeks and that they had sex numerous times during that time.”

The teen had told authorities that she was held against her will after refusing to have sex with Krafft and another man. She then called her mother for help, and Krafft later told police “she wasn’t allowed to leave him,” according to the news site.

Although it is not known who the other man was in the above situation, Rider has also been charged with third-degree sexual assault in the past.

Hall was described as being 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 104 pounds. She has brown eyes and her hair is of a dark blond to brownish color.

Before being found, the teen was last seen in the Lewisburg area Monday morning, according to a post on the Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page. The department asked for the public’s assistance in locating Rider and Krafft, who are wanted in connection with Hall’s disappearance.

2. Rider Is a Convicted Sex Offender & Is Thought to be ‘Armed & Dangerous’

Christopher Rider, Christopher Rider West Virginia, Christopher Rider amber alert, Christopher Rider sex offender, Christopher Rider Nicole Hall, Christopher Rider mugshot

Christopher Rider is shown in this mugshot.

The Greenbrier Sheriff’s Department believed Hall to be in “extreme danger,” stating that they thought the girl was in the company of Rider, a convicted sex offender and parole absconder.

Authorities said the man was believed to be armed and dangerous, and noted they suspected Krafft may also be with the two.

3. Krafft Communicated on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page & Police Believed the 3 Could be Headed to Florida or California

Charles Krafft, Charles Krafft West Virginia, Charles Krafft amber alert, Charles Krafft Nicole Hall, Charles Krafft Christopher Rider

This photo of Charles Krafft was posted to the Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page.

On Wednesday night, Krafft replied to a post regarding the Amber Alert on the Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Facebook page.

Krafft communicated on the sheriff’s Facebook page.

“Everyone I am not with them last I heard Tuesday they was heading to Florida,” he wrote, as seen in the above screenshot.

The sheriff’s department replied to the man asking him to call authorities. Krafft then apparently told police that he was having problems with finding service on his phone, to which they responded:

Charles Krafft, are you still trying to find service on your phone as you previously stated over 14 hours ago? We are still waiting on you to contact us and look forward to speaking with you in regards to this matter.

Krafft posted the above photo to Facebook after the Amber Alert was issued.

A source close to the family told Heavy that while Krafft denied involvement, he was “taunting” Hall’s family by talking but not going to police.

“I’m in contact with Charles Krafft,” Hayes told Heavy. “I have spoken to him many times and he says he is not with them. But the sheriff’s office has ask him to come in and he said he would but isn’t going yet and I have begged him. It seems like he doesn’t care that his picture is plastered all over the country or that this is a big deal. Yes I have gotten really nasty with him but I feel we have that right she is a child and we as adults have to protect her from predators like these two…they have brainwashed her and she has no idea what kind of danger she is in. We just want answers. We have tried to trace her Snapchat and Facebook but have to wait for court orders to release that and it’s still not happening yet…this guy is taunting us by not turning himself in if he isn’t guilty and by getting on Facebook and talking to me.”

State police believe Hall may be headed to either California or Florida with the suspects.

They are believed to be travelling in a silver sedan, according to WSAZ.

4. A Former Friend Said She Isn’t ‘Surprised’ Rider Would Be Involved With the Case

A former friend of Rider’s said while the news of him being involved doesn’t surprise her, she does not believe the man would hurt Hall.

“She probably befriended them and wanted to run off with them,” Briauna Kerston Lewis told Heavy. “I don’t see Chris or Charles just taking her against her will. Chris isn’t the BEST person and I don’t know about Charles but I don’t see either of them really hurting her, they just aren’t making the best decisions.”

“Chris used to be my bud,” Bree Kirsten Lewis said on Facebook. “But Im not surprised he did this. He’s done some pretty bad stuff to me. I don’t think he’d really hurt her though. I hope they are ALL okay.”

“Omg I know him,” Kristen Shardae Nobel wrote. “Went to school with him and dated for about a month in high school but he became obsess and stalker so I broke it off! Hope they find him and this poor girl is safe and ok!” It is not clear if the woman was referring to Rider or Krafft.

5. Social Media Was Filled With Pleas for the Girl’s Safe Return

Many are taking to social media to express concerns over the missing teen, and to offer their prayers and support.

“Please pray for the return of 14yo Nicole Hall of Greenbrier County, WV, Michael Robbins posted to Facebook. “She is missing and the police believe she is in extreme danger. Please SHARE this picture and continue to pray for her safe return!”

A post by The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children garnered nearly 2,300 shares from around the country in just hours.

“Thank you all we just want her home safe and hope this guy gets the electric chair,” Hayes replied.

Others responded with where they shared the post, ranging everywhere from Pennsylvania to California.

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