Tom Bernthal, Sheryl Sandberg’s Fiance: 5 Fast Facts

LinkedIn/Getty Tom Bernthal and Sheryl Sandberg.

Tom Bernthal, 46, the co-founder of a brand strategy consulting firm, is engaged to Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg.

Bernthal asked Sandberg to marry him during a visit to Vermejo Park Ranch on February 1, 2020. According to PEOPLE, citing “a source close to the couple,” Bernthal presented Sandberg with the ring during a mountain hike. The ring reportedly includes five diamonds to represent their respective children.

Sandberg confirmed the happy announcement on Instagram on February 3. She wrote, “Engaged!!! @tom_bernthal, you are my everything. I could not love you more.”

Sandberg’s late husband, Dave Goldberg, passed away from a heart attack in 2015. Goldberg’s brother, Rob, was actually the person who introduced Sandberg and Bernthal. Bernthal and Rob Goldberg are close friends.

Sandberg and Bernthal first appeared in public together at a Garth Brooks concert in Boise, Idaho, on July 21, 2019. But they reportedly began dating a few months prior to that.

Here’s what you need to know about Tom Bernthal.

1. Tom Bernthal Is the Co-Founder & CEO of Market Research Firm Kelton Global

Tom Bernthal co-founded Kelton Global alongside business partner Gareth Schweitzer. Both had backgrounds in journalism and decided to make a transition into the marketing realm. They launched their market research and consulting firm in March of 2002, according to Bernthal’s LinkedIn page.

In his bio on the Kelton Global website, Bernthal wrote that he brings a “journalist’s eye for the human story to the world of insights and strategic marketing.” He says his experience includes working with major companies including Google, Nike, Target, Amazon, Whole Foods, Starbucks… and Facebook!

2. Bernthal Won Three Emmy Awards as a National Producer at NBC News

Tom Bernthal began his professional career working in politics. According to his LinkedIn page, he served in the White House during President Bill Clinton’s administration.

In June of 1996, Bernthal switched over to journalism. He got a job as a producer with NBC News, contributing to TODAY, the Nightly News, Dateline, MSNBC and CNBC.

Bernthal explained in a blog post on his firm’s website that lessons learned as a journalist have influenced how he goes about his work now in the researching and branding sphere. Bernthal wrote that one person’s individual experience can make a story come to life in ways that a piece of data simply cannot.

He cited a stat about food sourcing as an example. “Our clients may find it interesting that 29 percent of people use food sourcing as the most impactful criteria in deciding what to serve their family. But it only sinks in when I start talking about Lola, the mom from the outskirts of Chicago who walks into a grocery store and grabs the box with the fewest ingredients on the back… it’s our job to connect her experience to the larger brand story we’re trying to tell.”

3. Don’t Confuse Tom Bernthal With His Brother, Actor Jon Bernthal

GettyJon Bernthal arrives at Marvel’s “The Punisher” Los Angeles premiere on January 14, 2019 in Hollywood, California.

Tom Bernthal has two younger brothers. One of his siblings is actor Jon Bernthal, who is best known for his role as Shane Walsh in the Walking Dead. His acting credits include roles in movies The Wolf of Wall Street and The Accountant, and the TV series The Punisher, according to IMDB.

Their other brother is Nick Bernthal, an orthopedic surgeon at UCLA Medical Center. He co-founded a non-profit organization called Drops Fill Buckets with Jon and lifelong friend Gareth Schweitzer (who co-founded Kelton Global with Tom). The organization raises money to donate to other philanthropic causes. Previous efforts included raising funds to buy an orphanage in Kenya science equipment and computers, adding on to a hospital in Orissa, India, and funding educational organizations aimed at helping students from lower-income and underserved areas.

4. Bernthal Grew Up in Washington, D.C. & Has Been Living in Southern California Since 2000

Tom Bernthal and his brothers grew up on the east coast. He attended the Sidwell Friends School, a competitive Quaker day school with campuses in Washington D.C. and Bethesda, Maryland.

According to his LinkedIn page, Bernthal spent time in the Midwest as a college student. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

5. Tom Bernthal Has Three Children

Tom Bernthal may be dating one of the top leaders at Facebook, but he appears to be one who prefers his privacy. His Instagram account is set to private, and his public Facebook page is also scant on details.

Bernthal is a parent, just like fiance Sheryl Sandberg (she has two children). A source cited by People described Bernthal as “this really nice, down to earth guy. They’re both devoted parents. It’s a nice thing that it has worked out so well.”

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