The 20 Awesomest Mind Blowing Works of Latte Art

This coffee can also perk up your mood. Kazuki Yamamoto is a barista from Osaka, Japan who may make you feel bad for consuming his skillfully crafted works of art. He takes steamed milk creations to new heights, sometimes literally.

Incredible Latte Art

3D Latte Art

3D Animal Latte Art

Curious George Latte Art

Giraffe 3D Latte Art

Awesome Latte Art

Hello Kitty 3D Latte Art

Awesome Latte Art

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Disney Latte Art

Panda Latte Art

Charlie Brown Latte Art

Mind Blowing Latte Art

Cartoon Latte Art

Disney Coffee Art

3D Barista Art

Awesome Barista Art

Mickey Barista Art

Pixar Barista Art

3D Latte Art