What Does Omnishambles Mean?


Omnishambles: The British Clusterf*ck

This clever word is a neologism (made-up word) from a British show called The Thick of It. It’s simple enough essentially meaning all things are messed up. To break it down a bit, omni means all, and shambles means sh*tshow. This is a pretty weird word, and it just doesn’t really have flow to it, if you ask me. I’m guessing it makes more sense if you’re British, since the reason it became popular is because it gained traction in the British government.

Word to this word though because it was used to insult Mitt Romney, which regardless of political stance, you have to admit is funny. Apparently the British paper, The Independent, criticized Romney’s handling of the 2002 Winter Olympics as “Romneyshambles.”


Just like Mitt Romney.

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