Mother’s Day 2016: All the Memes You Need to See

However, the idea of an official Mother's Day had been floating around since the Civil War spearheaded by peace groups, mostly made up of mothers. Leading this cause was Ann Jarvis, who created "Mother's Friendship Day" in 1868. But Jarvis had been planning such a day before the war started in 1861. The Legacy Project further writes: "At the beginning of the Civil War, Mrs. Jarvis called together four of her Clubs and asked them to make a pledge that friendship and goodwill would not be a victim of the conflict between the states. In a display of compassion, courage, and friendship, the members of these Clubs nursed soldiers from both sides and saved many lives. After the Civil War, Mrs. Jarvis worked as a peacemaker encouraging families to set aside differences created by the polarization of the war. In 1868, she organized a "Mother's Friendship Day" to bring together families that had been divided by the conflict." (Imgur / TinyTim7)