BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards 2014, Radio 1 Teen Awards Performances, Radio 1 Performances, Brit Awards

It’s the 2014 BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards 2014. Check out all the performance info, nominees, and details on hosts Rita Ora and Nick Grimmy.

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Ashton Irwin Hospital, Ashton Irwin Radio 1 Teen Awards, Ashton Irwin Appendicitis, Radio 1 Teen Awards 2014, BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards, 5SOS Radio 1 Teen Awards, 5 Seconds of Summer Radio 1 Teen Awards

Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer has suffered appendicitis, prompting the 5SOS guys to cancel their performance at the 2014 BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards.

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Halloween 2014, Halloween Movies, Best Halloween Movies, Scary Halloween Movies, Horror Movies, Watch Halloween Movies Online

Check out the Top 10 best movies to watch for Halloween 2014. From old to new and funny to scary, check out the best horror and spooktacular films.

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Scandal, Scandal Spoilers, Scandal Mellie, Scandal Olitz, Scandal Olivia, Scandal Fitz, Fitz And Olivia Pope, Olivia And Fitz Together, Mellis And Fitz

Tonight on Scandal, Mellie finds out Olivia is back and we finally get to see Fitz and “Live” together again. Check it out.

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Tom Colicchio, Tom Colicchio Top Chef, Top Chef Boston, Top Chef Season 12, Tom Colicchio Restaurants

All about the restaurant mogul and TV personality — and how John Cusack inspired him to propose to his wife.

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Gail Simmons, Gail Simmons Top Chef, Gail Simmons Baby, Gail Simmons Husband, Top Chef Spoilers, Top Chef Season 12, Top Chef 2014, Top Chef Boston

Gail Simmons is a judge on Top Chef season 12. Read on for the facts on her husband, wedding, baby, and career as a culinary expert.

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Eliminated Survivor, Who Got Voted Off Survivor, Survivor Elimination, Voted Off Survivor

Another contestant on Survivor got voted off tonight. So, who got eliminated? … Drew Christy.

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Richard Blais, Richard Blais Top Chef, Richard Blais Restaurants, The Hungry Games, Richard Blais Wife, Richard Blais Burgers, Richard Blais Family, Richard Blais Show, Richard Blais Top Chef Season 12, Top Chef Spoilers

Richard Blais joins Top Chef season 12 in Boston as a judge, rather than a contestant. Check out the details on Blais’ wife, restaurants, and more.

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Padma Lakshmi Dating Richard Gere, Padma Lakshmi Richard Gere Dating, Padma Lakshmi And Richard Gere Dating, Richard Gere Dating Padma Lakshmi, Richard Gere Girlfriend Padma Lakshmi, Padma Lakshmi Boyfriend Richard Gere, Padma Lakshmi Photos, Padma Lakshmi Pics

Padma Lakshmi is the host and a judge on “Top Chef.” Check out all the details on Lakshmi’s daughter, her health issues, and her dating life.

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