The 20 Awesomest Tumblrs

Perez Hamilton [BoxTitle]Perez Hamilton [/BoxTitle] [Link][/Link]

Ever wondered what a sassy, gay distant relative of Perez Hilton would have been blogging about back in 1776? Of course you have. Perez Hamilton gives all the snarky commentary on sluts and douchebags of the colonial era, complete with squiggly lines and captions.

Sad Stuff On The Street [BoxTitle]Sad Stuff On The Street[/BoxTitle] [Link][/Link]

Who knows what heartbreaking tale is behind that deflated birthday balloon lying in the gutter, all we know is that it makes us feel like we need a hug. To achieve maximum melancholy, try viewing this Tumblr while listening to R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts”.

Texts From Bennett [BoxTitle]Texts From Bennett[/BoxTitle] [Link][/Link]

If you’ve never seen Texts From Bennett, stop whatever nonsense you’re doing and go read it now. When it comes to Tumblrs dedicated to the near incoherent texts of white, 17-yr-old crip wannabees living in the Midwest, this is numero uno.

Godzilla Haiku [BoxTitle]Godzilla Haiku[/BoxTitle] [Link][/Link]

The art of Japanese haiku has been paired up with Japan’s favorite radioactive lizard. What has resulted is a beautiful combination of poetry and atomic fire breath destruction.

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