X-Men: Days of Future Past: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. Two Mutant Cameos Will Pop Up

Days of Future Past

Make sure you keep a close eye on the big screen so you won’t miss these two character cameos – Kelsey Grammer will star in the film as his future rendition of Beast, while Ink from the Young X-Men will also make an appearance.

7. Halle Berry Filmed Her Scenes Even While She Was Pregnant

Halle Berry has been a major part of the X-Men film series, so it was no surprise to see her show up as Storm in this star-studded sequel. What wasn’t expected was Berry’s pregnancy, which led some to doubt if she would even be able to film her scenes. Surprisingly, Halle Berry managed to pull off her role as Storm even while she was set to bring a child into the world.

While speaking with Queen Latifah, Berry told the world about her experiences on set for Days of Future Past:

I was three months pregnant. It was different. I had to shoot really fast. Two weeks was about as much as I could do before I was busting out of the suit.

Halle gave birth to her son Maceo in October of 2013.

8. The Directorial Duties for the Film Changed in 2012

Days of Future Past

Bryan Singer.

At first, Matthew Vaughn was the main director in charge of Days of Future Past. All of a sudden, it was announced that he left his directorial duties behind in order to begin working on Mark Millar’s 2014 film adaptation of The Secret Service. Bryan Singer, who directed the 1st and 2nd X-Men films, returned to his role as the main director for his 3rd X-Men film.

9. Quicksilver’s Sister Appears in the Film, But It Isn’t Who You Think It Is…

Days of Future Past Quicksilver

Marvel’s 2nd Avengers film will feature Quicksilver and his powerful sibling, the Scarlet Witch. However, Bryan Singer’s version of Quicksilver won’t be seen with his sister at all in Days of Future Past.

While speaking with Empire Magazine (via ComicBook.com), Singer confirmed that the little girl seen in the picture above isn’t who you think it is:

Is that the Scarlet Witch? No, that’s his little sister. I even had a line which I cut, where Quicksilver’s mother says to the little girl, ‘Go up and bug your sister,’ and the little girl says, ‘She bugs me!’ You never see the older sister, but it was to imply that there is an older sister for comic book fans. I ended up cutting it.

10. The Next X-Men Film Will Arrive in 2016

XMen Apocalypse

The next film in the X-Men series has already been announced – X-Men: Apocalypse, which is slated to hit theaters on May 27, 2016. Bryan Singer noted that this sequel to Days of Future Past will focus more on the origins of the mutants themselves. And of course, the all-powerful Apocalypse will be a major threat to them all.

X-Men: Apocalypse Movie Slated for May 27, 2016

Another X-Men film is hitting theaters in 2016!

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Now’s the perfect time to get caught up on all the old X-Men films, which is why recommend you check this out.

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