The Top 25 Beat ‘Em Up Video Games – Part 2

The Top 25 Beat ‘Em Up Video Games – Part 1

These games taught us to always pick up a roast chicken off the floor.

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Best Beat Em Ups
We’re not done with our countdown of the best beat ’em up video games. For this portion of the list, we’re gonna count down numbers 15 through 6. You’re gonna see some of your favorite superheroes, big screen aliens, sewer heroes with turtle power, and overly huge toads with ‘tude.

15. Spider-Man: The Video Game

The first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game started this franchise’s awesome gaming legacy. Each turtle perfectly matched their cartoon counterpart, plus they all had differing characteristics that made them stand out. Donatello’s slow but his reach is godly, Leonardo is well-rounded, and Michelangelo and Raphael are fast but both have a short range for their attacks. All those lowly foot soldiers didn’t stand a chance as we took each turtle into the brightly colored battlefield. We still hear April O’Neal’s pleas for help and Master Shredder’s evil laughter in our sleep.

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