WATCH: ‘Free Sex’ Glorifies ‘Rape Culture’? Ask French Comedian

French comedian Rémi Gaillard is taking heat for his viral YouTube video “Free Sex”, which racked up nearly 4-million views in just 4-days.

The footage shows Gaillard using visual perspective to make it appear as though he’s having sex with unsuspecting women in public.

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Some commenters have said that the video glorifies rape culture, voicing concern for the women shown.

YouTube-user Laurent Alacoque commented on the video:

If you find this funny, look more closely at the women reaction. See them taking it easy? Laughing maybe? Smiling even ? Me neither.

Rémi, I really enjoy your other pranks but that :-

So disappointing. 

While other commenters are wondering why people just can’t take a joke. Gaillard agrees with them and claims he’s just practicing his “freedom of expression.”

What do you think? Comment below.


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