In the aftermath of the death of Don Rickles, fans are revisiting some of his best bits, including the famous 1976 cigarette box incident with Johnny Carson.

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The Hallmark movie ‘Love By Chance’ premieres tonight & will have many encores. Find out when it airs, what channel, and read reviews here.

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Merle Haggard passed away, leaving behind a loving family who will miss him dearly. See photos of his children, grandchildren, & tributes to the country star.

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Ben Haggard is Merle Haggard’s youngest son and a very talented musician. See photos and videos of Ben’s songs and his tribute to his beloved father.

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These are some of the best songs by Merle Haggard. Listen to them as you remember the iconic country legend whose music touched the hearts of millions.

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The Walking Dead season finale ended in the way that all fans dreaded. These are all the memes, tweets, and photos you need to see about *that* special ending.

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The Walking Dead finale was tonight. Read on for spoilers and theories about the season six finale, a video of that last scene, and take our poll at the end.

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With Season 6 ending, fans are going to have a tough time waiting on season 7 of The Walking Dead. Find out when The Walking Dead is returning and more.

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The Season 6 finale will likely take away a fan favorite, but who? We hope it’s not Maggie. Here are photos of her best moments in the The Walking Dead so far.

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It’s rumored one of the original five may die tonight in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. We hope it’s not Glenn. Here are photos of his best moments.

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Carol is a favorite on The Walking Dead fandom. Someone’s going to die in the Season 6 finale, but who? These are photos of Carol’s best moments so far.

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Daryl Dixon is a favorite of The Walking Dead fandom. We don’t know who will live or die tonight, but here are some photos of Daryl’s best moments so far.

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The Walking Dead’s dreaded season 6 finale is one tonight and it will be 93 minutes long. What time does it start? What channel is the finale on?

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Here is how to watch The Walking Dead finale online, live as it airs, and after it’s over. Find out the details about the livestream web link, and more.

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Kevin Pearce, Patty Duke’s son, stays out of the spotlight and lets his older brothers have the media attention. Here’s more about Patty’s youngest son.

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Patty Duke has three sons, Sean & Mackenzie Astin and Kevin Pearce, and a stepdaughter who died at 22. Find out more about them and see photos.

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