Despite adamantly claiming they are just friends, Avril Lavigne and Ryan Cabrera have been seen out on multiple romantic dinners. Are they dating?

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Garry Shandling died unexpectedly. He was known for the groundbreaking The Larry Sanders Show. Find out more about the show and see video clips of the series.

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Garry Shandling was in a photo with Kathy Griffin and Bob Odenkirk just days before he died. How close were Kathy and Garry? How did they know each other?

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One of Garry Shandling’s last pictures was with Bob Odenkirk and Kathy Griffin. How did Shandling and Odenkirk know each other? How long had they been friends?

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The people of Alexandria make another supply run, but danger is right around the corner for them all once again.

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Has Hulk Hogan’s family reacted to the news about his Gawker verdict? See photos and details about Hulk Hogan’s wife, daughter Brooke, and son Nick.

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Decades after becoming a star, Tom Cruise is still one of Hollywoods most talked-about actors.

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Carol and Maggie have been taken hostage. Did they survive their ordeal or do both their lives still hang in peril?

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So how will Rick and his people take on the task of eliminating The Saviors for the Hilltop Colony?

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Paul “Jesus” Monroe is a major new character that gave Rick and Darryl a run for their money. What happened between them and the rest of Alexandria on this newest episode?

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Netflix’s Daredevil 2nd season not only features The Punisher, it also debuts the main character’s old flame – Elektra Natchios.

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Let’s celebrate The Walking Dead’s return with some great memes about Carl’s big moment from last week.

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What’s going to happen to Carl? Who will Rick end up with next? When is Negan coming? Here are the top questions and theories for The Walking Dead.

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Find out what time ‘The 100’ airs tonight, what channel, and what time the writers and actors will be live tweeting the episode, Hakeldama.

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Netflix’s Daredevil series is ready to add one of Marvel’s most dangerous icons to its roster – The Punisher. Check out the trailer for Season 2.

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A new character with evil intentions gets introduced to AMC’s The Walking Dead, plus Rick and his group go through hell and back (again).

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