Want to celebrate Chinese New Year the right way? Here are some ideas for having fun on this important holiday.

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MasterChef winner Luca Manfe shares his recipe for the perfect breakfast in bed. Take the holiday from everyday to gourmet with a taste of Italy, the home of St. Valentine.

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FunBites, food cutters that turn meals into shapes for kids who are picky eaters, entered the Shark Tank on February 6. Heavy interviewed founder Bobbie Rhoads.

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Nuts ‘N More, an almond butter company that got a deal on Shark Tank in 2013 from Mark and Robert, revisit on February 6. Heavy interviewed CSO Dennis Iannotti.

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Nobody likes fighting over the last bag of wings at the grocery store. Here’s a guide to stress-free, online shopping for your Super Bowl party.

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Here are our top picks for the best unique Valentine’s Day gifts you can give a woman in 2015.

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Bantam Bagels enter the Shark Tank on January 9. Heavy interviewed co founder Elyse Oleksak about her mini bagel balls stuffed with cream cheese.

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Kelsey was trying raw oysters for the first time at a restaurant while her friend recorded her reaction. To her friend’s surprise, Kelsey spit out a pearl.

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MasterChef winner Chef Luca Manfe shares what an Italian Christmas means to him.

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Need some candy to stuff inside a Christmas stocking? Check out these sweet deals.

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It’s not too late to find your mom the perfect Christmas gift. Here are some great ideas.

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These gifts for women run the gamut from luxurious to budget-friendly.

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Still hunting for the right Christmas present? These gifts are totally unexpected.

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Here is a simple and tasty recipe for classic bread stuffing for your Thanksgiving turkey using only a few ingredients.

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Here’s a simple recipe on how to brine your turkey for 5-6 hours.

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The Fitness Games and Workout Trainer are two of the thousands of health and fitness apps out there, but which one is a better value?

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