This morning, the official Twitter account for WikiLeaks promoted the newest “Vault 7” leak. Titled “Dark Matter,” the leak promises information on “several CIA projects that infect Apple Mac Computer” and iPhones. When will it be released?

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A new WikiLeaks Vault 7 leak titled “Dark Matter” claims, with unreleased documents, that the Central Intelligence Agency has been bugging “factory fresh” iPhones since at least 2008.

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Apple’s iOS 10.3 is in beta and expected to be released to the general public this spring. The new iPhone and iPad software will bring a number of new features and changes; read on for details.

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Today is the beginning of Advent 2016 in anticipation of Christmas on December 25. What are the best websites and smartphone apps to use for an Advent calendar for kids and adults?

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iPhone has asked its suppliers to make more OLED screens, which create lighter and more flexible designs, according to a WSJ report.

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Apple’s latest patent includes a missing device locator that may make the Find My iPhone app obsolete

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You don’t have to limit yourself to your iPhone’s built-in camera. Here are the hottest phone camera lenses that promise clearer photos at higher zoom.

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Canadian iPhone 6 users filed a lawsuit over ‘Touch Disease’ claiming that Apple was aware of the device flaw, but did little to solve it.

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You’re cute. Your iPhone case should be, too. We’ve curated a list of cute, unique, and girly iPhone 7 cases for all budgets.

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You’re cool and unique. Your iPhone case should reflect that. We’ve compiled a list of cool, unusual iPhone 7 cases that will separate you from the crowd.

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The newest mobile operating software for the Apple iPhone is due to be released today, September 13. The update brings a bunch of new features. But what time will it be released?

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It’s 2016. Ditch the bulky wallet, and opt for a slim, compact wallet case for your iPhone. We’ve rounded up some great iPhone 7 wallet case options for you to try out.

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Apple has just announced their new pair of wireless headphones, the AirPods. Here’s how much they will cost when purchased on their own.

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The iPhone 7 has been revealed, but many Apple fans are more excited about the iPhone 8. When will this phone be released? Find out here.

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During their keynote address on September 7th, Apple finally provided details about the upcoming iPhone 7, which they revealed will not have a headphone jack.

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During a keynote address today, Apple gave us our first look at the iPhone 7, and they revealed details about the upcoming smartphone’s camera specs.

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