This year on the Nintendo 3DS, players can look forward to Pokemon: Sun and Moon, Mario Party: Star Rush and Monster Hunter Generations.

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Nintendo’s set to show off an array of upcoming 3DS games and Pokemon GO during today’s Treehouse live stream.

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Today at the first day of Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3 2016, new Pokemon were revealed. See screenshots and photos of all the new Pokemon revealed today for Pokemon Sun & Moon, including Yungoos, Pikipek, and Grubbin.

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Nintendo is ready to show the world some new gameplay from the next Legend of Zelda and Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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A new form for the legendary dual-type Dragon/Ground Pokemon has been confirmed for Pokemon Sun & Moon. Video of the “Complete Forme Zygarde” was leaked online along with 10-percent Forme Zygarde.

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“Iwanko” is the Japanese name for the new dog-like Pokemon released today with a new batch of CoroCoro leaks and scans. Click to see more pictures of Iwanko, its type, and its ability possibilities.

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CoroCoro has released pictures of two new Pokemon, one dog-like Pokemon called “Iwanko” and a koala Pokemon named “Nekkoala.” Click here to see the scans of the leak.

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Are the 3 Alola region starters, Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio, based on the three alchemical symbols for salt, sulfur, and mercury? A Reddit discussion thread seems to have identified the symbols on the Pokemon for Pokemon Sun & Moon.

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Japanese monthly manga magazine CoroCoro (“KoroKoro”) is set to release new information today, June 10. Will it be new Pokemon or evolutions for the recently revealed Pokemon Sun & Moon starters?

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The island chain of “Alola” will be the location of the newest Pokemon adventure in Pokemon Sun & Moon. The islands are based off of Hawaii and there are at least five of them.

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“Marshadow” is the name of an unknown “legendary” Pokemon, the name of which has been trademarked by the Pokemon Company. How does it fit with the known Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and Lunala for Pokemon Sun & Moon?

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Did the Pokemon Company accidentally leak the final typing for the evolutions of Popplio and Litten? Missing URL codes on the official website for Pokemon Sun & Moon may have revealed it.

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The name of the legendary moon Pokemon for Pokemon Sun & Moon was announced today as “Lunala.” Lunala graces the cover of the Pokemon Moon game and is a Psychic/Ghost type.

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The name of the legendary sun Pokemon for Pokemon Sun & Moon was announced today as “Solgaleo.” Solgaleo graces the cover of the Pokemon Sun game and is a Psychic/Steel type.

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Images alleging to show the evolutions of the Pokemon Sun & Moon starter Pokemon Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio were “leaked” online ahead of a big announcement today by the Pokemon Company.

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In a new trailer for Pokemon Sun & Moon released by CoroCoro, an unidentified and possibly new Pokemon is seen in video game footage from overworld gameplay.

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