How to Get Mr. Rime in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Mr. Rime Pokemon Sword & Shield


The latest installments in the long-running Pokemon series, Sword and Shield, have finally arrived on the Nintendo Switch and with them come a whole lot of brand-new monsters to collect.

Once you figure out what version exclusive Pokemon appeals to you and you decide what game to purchase, you’ll be able to dive right in. While there is plenty of new Pokemon to catch and train, there are also some returning ones who have the ability to evolve for the first time.

Fan-favorites Mr. Mime and even Farfetch’d are getting their chance to evolve for the first time and it has players very excited.

Mr. Mime’s new evolved form is Mr. Rime and he’s actually a lot easier to get than Sirfetch’d, the complicated evolved form of Farfetch’d.

How to Evolve Mr. Mime to Mr. Rime

Mr. Mime Pokemon Sword and Shield

It’s Mr. Mime to Mr. Rime time.

However, you will need to get your hands on a special Galarian Mr. Mime, who will be exclusive to the region. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly the same thing as evolving a Mr. Mime that we all know and love, but it’s close enough.

Once you get this new Mr. Mime, all you’ll have to do is level it to 42 where you’ll then begin the process of evolving into Mr. Rime, according to Serebii. If you didn’t know he evolved from a Mr. Mime, you’d be hardpressed knowing that the two Pokemon are even related.

He’s one of the many new Pokemon to arrive in Sword and Shield and he’ll need to be one you get if you ever want to fill out the Pokedex.

When you do get one, it sounds like he’ll be a formidable addition to any party, so don’t stash him away to your box right away. We totally get if that’s what you want to do as there is plenty of new Pokemon to choose from and only six can fit in your party.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are out now exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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