5 Pokémon Café Mix Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Tasty treats and drinks are on the agenda now that you’re running your own mobile café.

And what makes that new job such an inviting activity is the fact that you get to do it with a slew of helpful Pokémon. Pokémon Café Mix is the super-addictive puzzler that places you in that very scenario. As you solve all sorts of matching icon puzzles, your café expands and your clientele of cutesy Pocket Monsters greatly expands. Solving those puzzles tends to get tougher as you reach new tiers of difficulty, which is why we’re here to give you some game-winning advice. With all these tips in tow, your café will become super successful in no time at all.

Here are the top 5 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Pokémon Café Mix:

Download Pokémon Café Mix from Google Play here.

1. Keep in Mind That You Can Push an Icon in Any Direction on the Board to Create Huge Combos and Powerups

Pokemon Cafe Mix

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Pokémon Café Mix is unique in a sense – instead of only having the ability to create icon matches when those icons are close in proximity, you can pull that move off and also push those matching icons to the same ones anywhere on the board. Whenever you take on a stage that requires you to fulfill a certain score/combo goal, make it a habit of looking at all the huge combo opportunities on the board.

• Once you tap on a single icon, pull your finger in every direction possible to gobble up all the matching icons you can find on the screen. A time is attached to your current matching turn, so make sure you fulfill that major matching combo you’re in the middle of before time runs out. When it comes time to clear the type of objects that require three matches or a single powerup activation to clear, big combo matches are a necessity. So when you push and pull matching icons next to each other, make sure those hard to clear items are as close as possible to that massive matching combo. Matching up powerups is also essential when you’re looking to clear out multiple hard to clear objectives.

2. You Should Rely on Your Pre-Match Selectable Skills and Current Stage Boosters in Certain Cases

Pokemon Cafe Mix

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• As you reach new stages, the difficulty unsurprisingly ratches up. Whenever you attempt to clear a new stage, try to complete it without the use of pre-match skills and the boosters available to you on the right side of each stage. Give it at least three attempts before you go all-in with either item type. Those items are extremely useful, but you’re forced to spend some of your precious golden acorns to restock them when you run out of either one.

• So it’s always best when you pull them out for a much-needed assist after you fail a stage one too many times. Anytime you have all three pre-match skills placed on the board and those additional stage boosters in your back pocket when things get especially dire, your chances of coming out on the winning end increase dramatically.

3. Do Your Best to Complete a Stage Whenever a Pokémon’s Friendship Bonus is Active

Pokemon Cafe Mix

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• As you complete stages with a certain Pokémon or two in tow, you’ll acquire stars that go towards improving your friendship with your chosen Pocket Monster(s). Whenever a friendship bonus is active, you need to do everything in your power to complete the current stage you’re on with your very first attempt.

• It’s pretty defeating whenever you fail a stage while a friendship bonus is active since you’ll walk away with fewer stars on your next successful attempt. When that friendship bonus is active, go ahead and pull in all your available skills so you have an easier time beating a new stage on your very first try.

4. Keep Tabs on All Your Café Challenges

• Golden acorns are gifted to you as you complete each stage. They’re mainly used to purchase an immediate retry after you fail a stage. Only in the most desperate of cases should you pay up to hop right back into a puzzle you were close to competing with your precious acorns (the type of instance we’re talking about is when you don’t have any pre-match skills and stage boosters on deck to help you out).

• Another way to collect even more golden acorns is by completing the six tasks given to you by the current list of café challenges. Every time you complete a stage, be sure to tap on your café challenges lists to see how close you are to completing either one. Getting all those extra golden acorns for your hard work feels great, doesn’t it?

5. Log in Every Day to Claim a Valuable Prize Even If You’re Not Set to Solve a Few Puzzles

Pokemon Cafe Mix

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• Like most mobile games, daily login rewards come your way in Pokémon Café Mix. The game’s starting period tasks players with logging in five days straight in order to claim Pikachu as a staff member. And logging in for 10 days gets you access to a Tasty Tart – this delicious delicacy can be fed to any Pokémon who’s friendship level you’d like to strengthen.

• So it’s best if you log in on a daily basis to claim every available item the game gives you even if you’re not in the mood to play a few stages. As new login rewards come to Pokémon Café Mix over time, stick to this daily login regiment at all times to get the most out of your time spent with it.

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