Breakthrough Band: Marina and the Diamonds

As the year is about to end and we have only got a few editions of the ‘Breakthrough Band’ column left for 2009, I felt like having a look around for acts that definitely enriched the musical landscape this year and that we haven’t covered yet. Among the first acts that came to my mind is London-based and Welsh-born singer Marina Diamandis, better known as Marina and the Diamonds. While the vast majority of upcoming female singers this year were backed up by bombastic synth-pop productions, hardly had any remarkable vocal skills and disappointed with their live shows, Marina is definitely among the most impressive vocal talents heard in ages and delivers catchy, yet edgey pop masterpieces, recalling a time when pop music acts were considered actually ‘artists’ or put more simply: Kate Bush.

After her two strong singles “Obsessions” and “Mowgli’s Road”, there is a video for her new effort ‘Hollywood’ now and if you’re not immediately enchanted and completely captivated by the pure wonderfulness of Marina’s musical perofrmance and visual appearance, you’re either on the wrong site right now or not human. Sicko! Her debut album The Family Jewels is announced for 15th February, 2010 and is one of the best reasons to finally leave this decade behind.

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