CrazySexyCool The TLC Story Biopic Premiere Review and Recap

CrazySexyCool The TLC Story Review, CrazySexyCool The TLC Story Recap, Left Eye Lil Momma


It’s the premiere of the biopic film CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story and we’ve got the live review and recap right here, updating as the show airs. Enjoy!

It begins in Atlanta at a roller-skating rink after a quick overview of the girls from TLC. T-Boz shows off her dance skills in a battle at the rink and dominates. The next scene goes to Lil Mama playing Left Eye Lisa on the street, rapping for money on the street. Soon, the two are auditioning with their friend Crystal for a record label, but the label does not like Crystal. After an awesome audition, Lisa finds out her father’s been shot and killed.

Moving on to the birth of Chilli … Starting out as a backup dancer, Rozanda was picked up by label owner Pebbles to be added to a girl group. And that’s how TLC became TLC with their first song “What About Your Friends” used in the girls’ final audition together. So, what was the downside? The girls were only making $25.00 a week.

Soon, the film delves a bit into Chilli’s crush on musical talent Dallas Austin. When manager Pebbles catches Dallas and Chilli making out, she docks everyone two weeks pay. Then Pebbles suspends Chilli and tells the other two girls she wants to replace Chilli. Pebbles also forbids the other girls from talking to Chilli. After auditioning a bunch of horrible girls to replace Chilli, the girls convince Pebbles to keep Chilli in the group. Just as Chilli hears the good news, she discovers she’s pregnant.

Skipping a little forward, while complaining inside Chilli’s little bug car, the trio hears their first song on the radio and forgets their problems right then and there. Before you know it, the girls are shooting their first video. Soon the group is performing on stage for fans, chanting “TLC MTB,” which means TLC Meant To Be.

The group soon learns that they have a number one song, but they still aren’t making any money. Their manager Pebbles says none of them will see any money until their second album, so the three girls confront Pebbles, saying they want to see their contracts. Pebbles then gets defensive and puts a guilt trip on the girls.

Later, at one of their performances, Tionne, aka T-Boz, seems to collapse backstage and the band discovers she has sickle-cell disease. The doctor tells T-Boz she can never have children and her life expectancy is no more than 20 years.

Flashing forward, finally the girls hit platinum and see some money, getting new cars from manager Pebbles. Nonetheless, things still don’t seem right and the girls approach their lawyer to see their contracts. After a little confrontation, their lawyer reveals that they are definitely being treated unfairly, having to pay for every single element of their careers, giving everyone else a cut besides themselves. With that, the girls left to make their second album on their own.

Dallas and Chilli get into a fight after she discovers he had a party without inviting her, but the two makeup quickly. In the meatime, T-Boz is babysitting Left Eye at a club when Lisa gets out of control, smashing a bottle over a guy’s head. Chilli starts to realize she shouldn’t be with Dallas Austin. When T-Boz is recording, Austin is making the moves on some girl and T-Boz freaks out because she doesn’t want to be in the middle of anything. Chilli starts to get smart to Dallas’ cheating ways. Lisa then gets noticed by Andre Rison from the Falcons, who says he’s her biggest fan. The man sweeps Lisa off her feet … literally.

A pregnant woman comes up to Chilli and says she’s having Dallas Austin’s baby, making Chilli break down because she was supposed to have Austin’s baby. As Chilli and Dallas go through a rough patch, Lil Mama catches Rison with another girl. Lil Mama torches a bunch of Rison’s sneakers in his bath tub, but the fire gets out of control and Rison’s house gets destroyed in the fire. T-Boz also has problems with her man Dalvin amidst the craziness.

With all the sadness going on, the girls come up with “Waterfalls,” which brings them a great deal of happiness, creating a classic video. Soon the awards start to pouring in and the girls are still broke, making $50,000 a year. So, the girls tell the press what’s going on and then they develop a plan. The girls steal everything with their group name on it from the record label’s office. Then they storm into the legendary Clive’s office demanding money.

The girls meet a new manager candidate, assuring them $50 million in profits their first year with him. Later on, as Chilli has her first baby with daddy Dallas Austin, T-Boz struggles with her disease in and out of the hospital with her mother by her side. And then comes hit single “Unpretty.”

After having her baby, Chilli decides she doesn’t want to be with Dallas Austin and his cheating ways, though Austin insists he’s changed. Meanwhile, the other two girls found new men. With the help of her man Larry, Lisa starts getting a big head, thinking she should go solo. Then an interview comes out from Vibe Magazine, challenging the other girls to make a solo record. Lisa begins to become a real diva and it starts to really show when the girls record their music video “No Scrubs.”

While the girls are set to make an appearance on TRL (Total Request Live) with Carson Daly, Left Eye decides she wants to have a meeting. In a confrontation with Left Eye, T-Boz reveals that Larry is married. Finally, Left Eye begins to see the light. But, when the girls are offered a $25 million deal, Left Eye says she cannot commit because she has plans to do some spiritual healing in Honduras.

T-Boz receives news that she’s pregnant, but at very high-risk for problems and possible death. The doctor gives her severe warnings, but she’s determined to have her baby so she lives without regret.

Once Lisa returns from Honduras, the girls’ manager insists the group make another album. Lisa continues to have an attitude and T-Boz says that she doesn’t feel touring would be a good idea in her condition. After the group receives a Grammy for their album “Fanmail,” Lisa has a breakdown and even though she has an attitude, the girls support her. The girls tell Lisa they need to record another album, but she can return to the jungle to collect herself before they do and Lisa appreciates their support. Then, T-Boz gives birth to her child.

Lisa works on her own album and has a little loving phone chat with T-Boz and Chilli while riding in a limo, off to Honduras.

The last words out of Lisa’s mouth in the film are “In the jungle I’m free.” Then, it all goes black and Chilli receives a call in the middle of the night about Lisa’s death. T-Boz and Chilli are broken-hearted. Actual footage from the funeral is shown in the movie.

The movie flashes forward to a radio interview with T-Boz and Chilli where the girls pay respect to Lisa Left Eye Lopes, saying that she had such a big heart. Another flash forward … The movie picks up 10 years later as Chilli and T-Boz return to the studio together to record their new album “20.” The movie cuts to footage of the real Chilli and T-Boz recording their new song in the studio before showing photos and footage of the real TLC throughout the years.

… MTB.

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