GreenBox on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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GreenBox pizza boxes entered the Shark Tank on January 30.

Heavy interviewed President Jen Wright about her unique boxes that are changing the way the world eats pizza. Here are the facts on her company.

1. It All Started With a Pizza Box

The pizza box is unique in that it also triples as plates and a leftover storage unit.
They are known for their original design of an eco-friendly corrugated box made from 100% recycled material. The box’s top can covert into four sturdy plates. The bottom can transform into a storage unit for the leftover pizza.

It’s a smart option that eliminates the bulky pizza boxes that have become the standard in the industry. GreenBox is here to change that. Watch their demo above to see how it works.

2. The Idea Came From a College Student

In college, William Walsh started tearing up pizza boxes to use as plates.

The company’s website outlines his creation of the product, saying, “He set out to change that, with an x-acto knife, 100 pizza boxes and four days holed up in his apartment.”

Walsh has passed away, but the company honors his memory by putting the words “A William Walsh Creation” below the patent number on every new pizza box that they’ve released since.

Buy GreenBox’s products here.

3. They Sell to Thousands of Pizzerias

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They are manufacturing the GreenBox in seven locations nationwide and, within the next weeks, will increase that number to 10 or 11.

When asked how many pizzerias they sell to, Wright answered, “Since we sell our product through distributors and also license our product we do not have an exact tally but it would easily be in the thousands.” Here is a list of the pizzerias throughout the country that use GreenBoxes. Find one in your neighborhood!

4. Columbia University Helped

Wright was working in finance for 12 years and when the financial meltdown happened in 2007/2008, she decided to go to Columbia for her MBA. At the same time, her close friend Walsh showed her his novel idea for a pizza box. Through her school, Wright accessed pitch events, business competitions for Walsh and their friend Ned Kensing to present the idea.

In 2009, her last year at Columbia, the school provided them with bridge financing through their Lang Fund.

Watch the video clip above to see the boxes featured on talk shows like The Chew and The Rachael Ray Show.

5. They Have Other Products Too

pizza box on shark tank

“Our goal is to expand the GreenBox brand beyond pizza boxes to extension products for the food industry,” Wright said. They’ve already expanded with the creation of GreenBox Doggie Boxes for leftovers, shown below, SliceBoxes and WrapSleeves.

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“Our ultimate goal is to make GreenBox an internationally recognized brand,” she said. “GreenBox Australia is our first partner. We are also licensing our GreenBox Technology to Pizza Hut in the Middle East.”

Buy GreenBox’s products here.