LeAnn Edmonds Horton – Jim Edmonds’ First Ex-Wife

LeAnn Edmonds Horton

Jim Edmonds and his current wife Meghan King Edmonds have been starring on Real Housewives Of Orange County, along with one of Jim's four children - Hayley. What we learn is that the family is struggling with a very difficult time. Hayley's mother LeAnn Edmonds Horton is battling cancer. Horton is the first wife of Jim and mother to two of his four children - daughters Lauren and Hayley. According to Bustle.com: Jim’s first ex-wife, Lee Ann Horton, who is currently battling cancer, was at their ceremony with their two daughters, Lauren and Hayley. As a result, his new wife and his first wife have developed a friendship, which is great and must make it 1,000 times easier for Meghan to be a stepmom to their children. Hayley, 17, moved to St. Louis to live with her dad and stepmom, a decision she made so that she could take some of the pressure off of Horton while she battles her illness. But Hayley missed her mom, who resides in California, and asked Jim and Meghan if they could move back so she could be closer to her. Edmonds' second wife is Allison Jayne Raski. For more information on Horton, click through our gallery of her best photos. (Instagram)

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