Emily Kinney, ‘Arrow’: The Pictures You Need to See

Emily Kinney can do it all. She can take out zombies. she can be a bit of a villain. She can even sing. Seriously. Now, the actress is making her return to the superhero world, appearing as Brie Larvan, better known as The Bug-Eyed Bandit, on tonight's brand-new episode of Arrow. But while Kinney's character is far from sweet on screen - she's got her own army of robot bug drones, after all - the actress/singer/do-it-all'er is just the opposite in real life. In fact, Kinney has a pretty strong social media following and her - spoiler alert - death on The Walking Dead inspire more than just a slight uproar on the internet. Click through the gallery to learn more about Kinney, her legion of fans and what's next for the sometimes-on-screen-villain. (Instagram)

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