Amber Portwood and Matt Baier Address Cheating & Sex Tape

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Last week on Teen Mom OG, Matt Baier suggested that he and fiancee Amber Portwood spontaneously tie the knot in Las Vegas. But, when Portwood didn’t want to get married without her daughter, Baier said it was okay. Behind her back, however, he told production that she embarrassed him on national television, that he would never marry her now and that he would fake filming for the rest of the day. When Portwood saw this on the after-show, she was very upset and also revealed that the wedding was on hold. Now, however, Baier tells People that the wedding is not called-off, saying that:

The wedding hasn’t been called off. Amber and I decided to keep the details of our wedding very, very personal and private right now. Ever since we announced our wedding date, the amount of stress and opinions that came along with that just became too much. There were people out there just ruining the day for us before it even happened. We decided to formulate and stick to our plan but we don’t know if we want to share this with everyone.

In addition to the couple’s wedding drama, there have been cheating allegations surrounding Baier, as well as sex tape rumors.

Portwood addressed the sex tape reports on television, saying that she was approached and that it’s something to think about. She also said that it’s a way for her to provide for her family and that she was actually approached before co-star Farrah Abraham came out with her first sex tape a few years ago.

As for cheating rumors, there have been reports that Baier failed a lie detector test about having an affair. In response, Portwood has posted results online, saying that Baier did, indeed, pass with flying colors. After posting the results, however, Portwood deleted them and wrote the following tweet:

On Teen Mom OG, Portwood has voiced that her trust has been tested and that she has been through a lot with Baier over the past couple years. She says this has made her weary of getting married and that she is scared. On the show, Portwood stated:

We’ve just been through a lot these past few years, [and] that has really shut me down from the wedding. When you put your trust in somebody … that’s what a relationship is built on. You get to a good place in life, and you can love each other and want to be with each other for the rest of your life, and still not trust each other. That’s what messes up everything.

Portwood also said that her depression was caused by her relationship with Baier.

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