Who Is Ava Jalali on ‘PPL: The Perfectionists’?

Getty Sofia Carson

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists continues tonight on Freeform. The spinoff series has introduced a host of new characters, including Ava Jalali. Ava is a stylish teenager who has hopes of starting her own clothing line, and is a gifted computer hacker. Learn more about her below.

According to Pretty Little Liars Wikia, Ava’s father fled the country she was a child, after embezzling millions of dollars from his company. Her mother also fled the country, leaving the teen to fend for herself. Determined to make something of her life, Ava developed a host of skills, including computer hacking and coding. She also started a YouTube channel to help pay for her education. She is the first social media influencer in the Pretty Little Liars universe.

Ava Is a Fashion-Minded Student Who Has Gained Popularity on YouTube

Ava is played by American actress Sofia Carson. She is described as an attractive and intelligent young woman with lots of secrets up her sleeve. “She’s lived a very hard and lonely life, and she has had to build herself from nothing,” Carson told Bustle. “Ava’s journey is a roller coaster. [showrunner] I. Marlene King said that to me, ‘Get ready and hold on tight, because it’s a roller coaster’. So much happens, good and bad, but I love seeing how she perseveres and survives despite everything.”

While Ava originates in the Pretty Little Liars book series, there are lots of differences between the character on the page and the character on the screen. In the books, Ava is a recovering party girl who decided to focus on her education after her mother’s death. The backstory involving her parents’ embezzlement doesn’t exist, nor does her abandonment.

Ava Is Played by American Actress & Singer Sofia Carson

The aforementioned traits that Ava has in the series, including her YouTube fame, are not in the book either. Her character Wikia states that she’s friends with Caitlin Park-Lewis (Sydney Park) and Dylan Walker (Eli Brown), and that she previously dated the late Nolan Hotchkiss (Chris Mason). Carson said that she was thrilled to join the Pretty Little Liars canon.

“I spent many a night watching [PLL] in my room, [marathoning] it with my sister,” she revealed. “So when I met Marlene and I was offered the role I was beyond, beyond honored to be able to follow in the original’s footsteps and continue this legacy. Ava’s story to me is a story of an unstoppable and invincible girl who against all odds, against loss, against losing everything and everyone she is determined to survive,” she continued. “And not only survive, but to prove to herself and to the world that she’ll be able to be anything she strives to be.”

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