Boogie2988 Not Dead: YouTuber Is Victim of a Death Hoax

Boogie2988 Dead

Facebook/Boogie2988 Boogie2988 pictured on his Facebook page.

Boogie2988 is not dead, the YouTuber himself confirmed in a tweet on August 2. Earlier that day, a death hoax had spread across social media involving the social media star, real name Steven Jason Williams.

Williams had tweeted, “I have met some really great dogs in the last 24 hours. If you ever are down go meet some new doggos.” When someone responded saying that there were rumors on Phil DeFranco’s livestream that Williams had died, Williams responded by saying, “Its a meme lol. Have fun with it.”

Rumors of Williams’ death came three days after YouTuber Grant Thompson aka The King of Random was killed in a paragliding accident in Utah. Thompson was 28 years old.

At around 3 a.m. on August 2, Williams tweeted that his brother, Bryan Williams, had been hit by a car. Williams wrote, “My brother @docbryan56 got hit by a CAR. He could use some love and attention from you guys during his recovery. Give him some love!!!!”

Boogie2988 is best known for his alter-ego Francis. Through Francis, Williams offers critiques regarding video games and video game culture. The Gamer website has described Williams as having a “raw and unfiltered approach to streaming.”

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