Aira on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Aira is a wireless charging device founded by Eric Goodchild and Jake Slatnick. They will be appearing on Shark Tank to pitch their device, in the hopes that an investor will help them expand their reach.

Aira is a charging pad that allows one to charge their device without a cable. It uses special technology to guarantee that a device will be properly charged. Read on to learn more about Goodchild and Slatnick, their respective backgrounds, and how they plan to expand their business moving forward.

Here’s what you need to know about Aira:

1. Aira Tech Provides Wireless Charging for Electronic Devices

According to the Aira website, their wireless charging pad brings “freedom” to the wireless experience. “A device placed anywhere on the surface will receive intuitive wireless power,” the site explains. “Traditional wireless chargers have a small Sweet Spot in the center of the pad. If a device isn’t perfectly aligned, it won’t charge.” Aira Wireless Charging solves this issue providing a different wireless power coil matrix, which makes wireless charging “completely effortless and truly convenient.”

“When chargeable devices are placed on the surface, patented circuitry and propietary algorithms rapidly find and track the device,” the site adds. “Sweet Spots are then dynamically activated to deliver power… As more devices are placed on the surface, additional Sweet Spots are formed, allowing everything to charge simultaneously. If a charging device is moved across the surface, the Sweet Spot follows, providing a fluid and natural charging experience.”

Aira technology, known as “FreePower,” is similar to Apple’s AirPower promised, but the latter was plagued by too many issues to get off the ground. According to TechCrunch, Aira tech “inherits the same aesthetics of the company’s existing chargers, which means you get a black soft leather surface for putting your devices on top of, and the surrounding frame is made of slate-gray aluminum.”

2. Aira Tech Is Compatible with All Major Electronic Devices Including Apple & Samsung

Aira is a globally adopted wireless charging device that brings compatibility to all major devices including Apple, Samsung, Google, and Huawei. “Not only does this make every major smartphone compatible,” the site reveals, “but more importantly, it makes the technology safe for you and your devices.”

The News Crunch reports that Aira is based on Qi Standard protocol, which means that it’s compatibility stretches across the electronic spectrum. It can also charge a wide range of additional devices, including air pods, remote controls, and Apple watches.

3. Goodchild Was an Electrical Engineer Before Co-Founding Aira

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Eric Goodchild attended Arizona State University, where he earned a degree in Electrical Engineering and Embedded Systems. After he graduated, he worked as an engineer at companies like Orbital Sciences Corporation and TASER International.

In 2009, Goodchild founded Goodchild Engineering, which specialized in the “construction and design of high-voltage stage and theatrical special effects devices.” The business also produced educational exhibits for museums nationally, and it still holds the Guinness World Record for the most powerful Bi-Polar Tesla Coil. He is still the owner of Goodchild Engineering.

On his LinkedIn profile, Goodchild describes himself as “an extremely passionate tech entrepreneur and engineer [who has] always loved getting [his] hands on new technology and taking ideas from concept to reality.” Furthermore, Goodchild stated that he operates on a set of basic tech principles. “1. Don’t be afraid of failure, learn from it and apply to the next iteration or idea,” he writes, “2. Gut feelings provide excellent initial direction, prove them with data, [and] There needs to be a balance of new ideas vs the tried and true. Don’t let a bias for either path exist.”

4. Slatnick Was a Tech Entrepreneur Prior to Co-Founding Aira

Jake Slatnick also attended Arizona State University, where he earned a degree in Technology Entrepreneurship. He founded several startup companies, including Tap Contact Exchange, which was a Mobile app that could wirelessly exchange contact information, and Hammak Apparel Inc, which was a lifestyle brand that specialized in men’s loungewear. According to his LinkedIn, he resides in San Diego, California.

Slatnick co-founded Aira in November 2017. The device offers less charging than some of its competitors, but Slatnick told TechCrunch that it’s less of a limitation that it seems. “An interesting detail that we’ve learned through benchmarking is that our 5W output charge time is comparable to other 10W advertised chargers,” he explained.

“It turns out, as soon as the phone starts to heat up, the charge speed slows down significantly, usually below 5W,” Slatnick added. “The 7.5W+ chargers seem to only last at those speeds for a few minutes. We think the performance right now is on par with everything else and that it shouldn’t be noticeable to most users.”

5. Goodchild & Slatnick Want a Shark to Help Them Past the Startup Phase

Aira is not yet selling products, nor are they allowing for pre-orders on their website. The business is still in the startup phase, and Goodchild and Slatnick will be looking for a Shark Tank investor to help take them to the next level.

Aira is currently partnered up with a business called Nomad, which is a lifestyle brand of smart phone cases that also sells a wireless charging device. Tune in to Shark Tank tonight (October 13) at 9/8c to find out whether the duo has what it takes to snag a major investment!

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