Kayla’s Boyfriend on ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’

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Kayla Sessler is in the midst of her second pregnancy on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. She has the support of her boyfriend Luke Davis III, who she moved in with at the beginning of 2019. Read on to learn more about Kayla and Luke’s relationship, and how they first met.

Kayla told Ashley’s Reality Roundup that she’s known Luke since she was a teenager. “We did go to high school together, but we never really talked too much because I was dating Stephan [Alexander] my whole high school,” she revealed. “Stephan does know him too, but they’re not really friends.” Kayla said that she bumped into Luke again when she was registering for college courses, and they promptly hit it off.

Kayla & Luke Went to High School Together & Reconnected In College

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Kayla made a point of taking things slow with Luke early on. “Right now me and him we are just basically getting to know each other better,” she said during a 2018 episode. “Seeing if we have a connection, or if something could be there.” The couple eventually made it official on Instagram, and Luke has gone on to play a major part in raising Kayla’s son, Izaiah.

The couple run into some drama during the Young & Pregnant season premiere. Kayla’s mom decided to cut her off and kick her out of the house after she disobeyed her rules and let her ex Stephen into the house. Kayla was then forced to pack up her things and move in with Luke, who she has been dating for about six months. To make matters worse, Kayla had to drop out of college because she no longer has someone to watch after Izaiah during the day.

Kayla & Luke Have Discussed Moving to Another State

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There is also the matter of Luke’s basketball career. Luke is a starting player at his two-year college, and his coach saw so much potential in him that he wanted him to consider transferring to a four-year college. Kayla is taken aback by the news, as she already felt that Luke spent too much time on the court. “Indiana, Michigan — I said the farthest that I could possibly go would be Alabama,” Luke said.

Kayla said that she would agree to move with him, as long as they could find a nice place to live and neither her mom nor Stephen could get in the way. “I have full custody, so I don’t need his permission to move Zay out of state,” she told Luke. “I’ll give him a heads up. I’m not going to not tell him where his son is, but I don’t think he’s going to care. We’re, like, right down the street [now], and he never comes anyway.”

After finalizing a plan, however, Kayla discovered that she was pregnant with Luke’s child. It remains to be seen whether this surprise pregnancy will delay their plans, or if they will be able to make the move as a family regardless.