Does Kate Chastain Really Quit ‘Below Deck’? Fans Hope Not

Kate Chastain

Youtube Below Deck's Kate Chastain

In a preview for this season of Below Deck, Kate threatens to leave the show for good. She tells Ashton Pienaar, “Go find another chief stew. I quit,” before we see her walking down a dock.

Now, as the season is well underway, fans are curious if Kate really does quit the series. Does she leave Below Deck? Why? Here’s what we know:

She Says She Kind of ‘Jumped Ship’

In an October interview with ET, Kate said of this season, “I always surprise myself, I’m full of surprises… I didn’t technically go overboard but I did kind of jump ship.”

The fight with Ashton that forces her to “jump ship” took place on a seemingly drunken night, when Ashton (who appeared to be inebriated) tells Kate, “Everyone feels that way about you, Kate!” Speaking to ET about what happened that night after she stormed off, Kate shares, “I went off into the Thailand night… I was just frustrated. It was close quarters, and it was towards the end of the season and, in that moment, it was just kind of one of those, ‘Eff you, eff you, you’re cool, I’m out’ [moments].”

She goes on to tell the outlet, “You know, yachting is just a very stressful situation… Close quarters, long hours and some people just can’t make it the whole season for one reason or another.”

Why 'Below Deck's Kate Chastain STORMED OFF the Boat! (Exclusive)ET sat down with 'Below Deck's chief stew to get all the info on season seven of the Bravo hit, including her thoughts on all the crew (some she finds too hot to handle, others she can't stand!) and what kind of drama to expect in Thailand. 'Below Deck' airs Mondays on Bravo.2019-10-13T17:00:04.000Z

Captain Lee Rosbach Had No Idea She Left The Ship That Night

Based on the fact that Captain Lee Rosbach had no idea Kate left the ship that night, it’s safe to assume that Kate does not quit the show, after all.

Kate tells ET, “I think he was very surprised when he called for his morning coffee and it wasn’t arriving… I mean, he supported me no matter what, but there was a bit of disappointment. On both sides — he was disappointed that I got to that level of frustration, he was disappointed that I walked off the boat and I was disappointed that I disappointed him.”

This season certainly tested Kate’s limits. According to Bravo TV, Kate even asked the film crew to stop filming on two separate occasions. Speaking to The Daily Dish about what sent her over the edge this season, Kate explained, “This season there’s more drama than most seasons, I think. I didn’t realize it until looking back and saying, ‘Oh my gosh, that happened and that happened,'” Kate said. “And it just got to a point where I felt like the people I was working with were too disrespectful and too much, and I wanted to be out of that situation.”

Kate goes on to describe this season as “extra dramatic”. She acknowledges, “Yeah, I’ve never jumped ship in six seasons, and there have been plenty of situations where it would have been great.”

How will things pan out when Kate does, finally, threaten her coworkers that she’s going to leave Below Deck? Be sure to tune in to a new episode of Below Deck airing tonight, Monday, at 9pm ET/PT.

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