Rick and Morty Appear in Pringles’ Super Bowl 2020 Ad


This year, Rick and Morty is appearing in a special Pringle’s Super Bowl 2020 ad. The commercial is quite well made and actually looks a lot like a mini-episode. Are they going to continue the story somehow? What happens next? Read on to learn more about the ad and to watch the commercial again.

The Pringles ‘Rick and Morty’ Ad Looks Like a Mini-Episode & Has a Cliffhanger

The Rick and Morty Pringles ad is advertising stack flavors (interestingly, it’s not talking about the new Pickle Rick flavor that Pringles announced in December. But that flavor is available in stores now too.) You can watch the ad below.

Rick and Morty x Pringles – 2020 Big Game Commercial [AD]Stack Pringles. Make endless new flavors. Stack Pringles. Make endless new flavors. Stack Pringles. Make endless new flavors. This is not an ad. [ad] SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/AdultSwimSubscribe About Adult Swim: Get your Adult Swim fix whenever and wherever you want at http://www.adultswim.com, or by downloading the Adult Swim app. Binge marathons or watch selected episodes of…2020-01-28T13:51:54.000Z

The ad feels a lot like a mini-commercial. Morty is talking excitedly about the stack flavors and then we find out that he is a Pringles robot!

“Do you want to stack different Pringles flavors to create new flavor combos? Here I’ll go first,” he says. Rick immediately realizes that he’s a Pringles robot and not the real Morty.

Rick says they were taken in their sleep and now they’re trapped in a Pringles commercial. They can’t get out. “We can’t (get out) Summer,” Rick says. “They warned me this would happen and I didn’t listen.”

Then they’re overrun with Morty Pringles robots and they’re overwhelming Rick. The commercial ends as he screams.

Pringles had a teaser for the big commercial released on January 21.

Pringles wrote in a press release about the commercial:

Flavor Stacking pushes fans to find new, creative ways to enjoy their favorite Pringles crisps, unlocking endless dimensions of flavor. After two years of budding popularity, the Flavor Stacking craze goes to the next level with Rick and Morty.

Rick, Morty and his sister Summer star in the dystopian Pringles Flavor Stacking spot, featuring the first-ever animated Pringles flavor stack. A Pringles robot—disguised as Morty—appears overly enthusiastic about the Spicy Barbecue Pizza stack, made using Pringles Pizza, Barbeque and Jalapeno crisps. Rick immediately catches on to his grandson’s bizarrely out-of-character corporate jargon, unmasks the Mortybot and comes to the startling realization that they’re trapped inside a Pringles commercial.”

The ad was created by Adult Swim with Grey Group and aired during the second quarter of the Super Bowl.

On Reddit, fans commented when they saw the commercial early that it definitely needs a follow up.

Others laughed about the negative advertising.

And now the ad has turned into a meme.

After how much fans wanted the Szechuan sauce, maybe they’ll be looking for the Pickle Rick chips (even though they aren’t actually mentioned in the commercial.)

On Reddit, one person wrote: “It was just a matter of time. There will be millions of people wondering, ‘am I supposed to know these cartoon characters?'” 

Another person wrote: “I love the concept of getting rick and morty to advertise your product at the cost of having a really weird advertisement for it lol.” 

As far as when we can get the Pickle Rick chips, it turns out that they’re available now. A representative from Pringles told Heavy today that the Pickle Rick flavored chips were now available in stores nationwide.

“I’m Pringle Rick!”

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