Why is #StopJayStation Trending on Twitter?

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The YouTuber Jay “ImJayStation” Ethier began trending on Twitter on Tuesday, Feb. 4 after a call to action by Daniel ‘Keemstar’ Keem following a tumultuous January for JayStation. The YouTuber pretended to contact his “dead” girlfriend via Ouija Board, but it has since been revealed she has been alive the whole time.

Ethier is a YouTuber with almost 5.5 million subscribers at the time of writing. Keemstar, who is known for his “Drama Alerts” where he exposes wrongdoings in the YouTube and streaming communities, uploaded a 10-minute video titled “YouTube NEEDS to Delete this CHANNEL! #DramaAlert #StopJaystation.”

“JayStation takes absolutely no responsibility for anything he’s done wrong because he’s never, ever had to face the music. He’s never been canceled…” Keem says in the video. “We need to make this so big that he feels the wrath like Logan Paul did. JayStation needs to be canceled.”

The Viral Sensation Uploaded a Video Saying His Girlfriend Was Dead

YouTube NEEDS to Delete This CHANNEL! #DramaAlert #StopJayStation► Follow for News! – twitter.com/KEEMSTAR ► Follow IG – instagram.com/DramaAlert/ ► DramaAlert on Snapchat snapchat.com/discover/DramaAlert/9014656799 ► USE CODE (KEEM) gfuel.com/pages/keemstar ► Text my Cell – 1-716-209-36352020-02-04T21:39:57.000Z

The saga began when JayStation uploaded a video reporting the death of his girlfriend Alexia.

In late January, in a 4-minute video titled “My Girlfriend Alexia Has Died… *Rest in Paradise*,” JayStation said Alexia was hit by a drunk driver after “going to pick up something for our video on our second channel. She’s gone guys. She’s gone.”

After that video was uploaded, however, JayStation uploaded a video to his and Alexia’s second channel in which she appeared. He explained her presence in the video by saying he had five pre-recorded videos ready for upload before she died.

Fans and YouTube sleuths took to Twitter to investigate the alleged death, with some even calling police stations and news agencies to confirm Alexia was not deceased. On Jan. 28, Alexia herself uploaded a video to prove she was, in fact, alive and well.

Ethier has since said that it was all “just a skit” he was using to get more subscribers on his second channel.

“We thought of this – actually, I thought about the idea – what if we fake your death and then do a skit on YouTube pranking everybody, saying it was just to gain traction on the Dream Team channel,” Ethier said in a separate video. “First we were going to say she died, then we were going to do a Ouija board video, which I did, then we were going to call her at 3 a.m., and we were going to resurrect her.”

Keemstar Has Been Calling for JayStation to Be Banned from YouTube

(RESPONSE) YouTube NEEDS to Delete This CHANNEL! #Dramaalert #StopJaystationThis is my response to Keemstar from Dramaalert. #StopJaystation2020-02-05T00:58:00.000Z

One day after the upload of the video, Keemstar tweeted that he thought JayStation should be banned.

“Jaystation should be banned from youtube. When I say he has very young kid fans I’m not saying that to roast him. I’m saying it cus it true. Like 7 to 12 year olds… These kids have no idea what he’s doing is socially wrong. Ban him already,” the Drama Alert YouTuber wrote.

After Keem’s initial video about him, JayStation hit back with his own video. In the video, he called out Keemstar for past controversies and asks him to box him, which has recently become a popular way to settle beefs in the YouTube community.

In the video, he also blames Keemstar for Desmond “Etika” Amofah’s death.

Keemstar responded to these accusations on Twitter.

JayStation has deleted the video where he announced his girlfriend’s death and the video where he “communicated” with her via Ouija board.

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