WATCH: Tony Spera Addresses Missing Annabelle Doll Hoax

Tony Spera

YouTube Tony Spera, the son-in-law of Ed and Lorraine Warren, confirmed that the Annabelle doll had not escaped her glass enclosure.

Tony Spera, the son-in-law of Ed and Lorraine Warren, confirmed that the Annabelle doll had not escaped her glass enclosure in the Occult Museum. After mowing the lawn on the Warren property in Monroe, Connecticut, which he now looks after, Spera took to YouTube to confirm that Annabelle is safe, adding that she never left.

Spera said he originally wanted to go on Facebook Live, but he was having issues with his internet. Instead, he headed into the museum, which is located behind the Warrens’ property in Monroe, and filmed the video in front of Annabelle’s enclosure, which is backlit with red lights.

The “haunted” doll inspired multiple horror films, including Annabelle (2014), Annabelle: Creation (2017) and Annabelle Comes Home (2019).


Spera teased viewers at first, saying he had to tell them something they might not want to hear. “I’m here to tell you something, I don’t know if you want to hear this or not, but Annabelle did not escape,” he said. “Annabelle’s alive—well, I shouldn’t say alive—Annabelle’s here, in all her infamous glory. She never left the museum.”

Spera Would Know if Annabelle Escaped

Spera added he would know if Annabelle had left because he has security cameras. In case anything like that did happen, he said the police would be notified within minutes. “Remember, I have high-tech security here,” Spera said. “If she had left the museum I’d have instantly know if something happened or somebody broke in. I have good alarm systems here and the police are good to respond. They respond within a couple of minutes, maybe, if that.”

In what seemed to be a direct message to the memes and jokes going around, Spera added that Annabelle wasn’t running around town living her best life. “Annabelle’s here. She didn’t go anywhere. She didn’t take a trip. She didn’t fly first class and she didn’t go out to visit her boyfriend,” he said, showing Annabelle in her enclosure. “So here she is. Let’s put the rumors to rest, guys.”

Overall, Spera said he understood the worry. “I appreciate all the concern. I’d be concerned if Annabelle really did leave because she’s nothing to play with,” he said.

Spera Seemingly Took a Dig at Zak Bagans of ‘Ghost Adventures’

The reference about Annabelle not flying first class seemed to be a direct hit at Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans, who wrote: “If #Annabelle has escaped, remember y’all she only flies first-class…I’d start there.”

In an interview with Superstitious Times, Spera said he regretted appearing on Ghost Adventures.

“I should have never done it. They begged me to come out. I said, ‘Alright, as long as it’s done on my terms,’” Spera recalled. “My terms were no one touches the doll and the doll never goes out of my sight.”

Spera accused Bagans of being inauthentic. “It was all an act for the camera. … He was saying stuff like, ‘I want to hug her. I feel sorry for her. I feel a connection to her,’” Spera said. “They cut it out.”

Spera wanted the doll treated with respect, and he didn’t feel Bagans and his team had done that.

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