‘Big Brother’ Fans Are Freaking Out Over a Houseguest’s Old Tweets

Big Brother 23

CBS "Big Brother" fans are freaking out over a current houseguest's old tweets.

The houseguests on “Big Brother” are isolated from the outside world and that might be a good thing for one contestant this season.

Kyland Young was an early fan-favorite on “Big Brother 23,” but some viewers have begun to find his personality a bit grating in recent weeks. During his second Head of Household reign of the season, viewers began to take note of his verbose communication style.

Imma need @CBSBigBrother to do a montage of Kyland using big words to form sentences that make ZERO SENSE,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

Things spiraled when “Big Brother” fans discovered some of Kyland’s old tweets and recognized an interesting behavioral pattern: he frequently tweets at businesses and brands to complain about subpar customer service.

The Hashtag #KyComplains Is Trending

After “Big Brother” fans found a slew of old tweets in which Kyland reports issues with various businesses, the hashtag #KyComplains was born.

In one tweet, Kyland asks the vegan cookie company Lenny’s and Larry’s why they have changed their formula.

In another tweet, Kyland states that he’s setting up a class action lawsuit for consumers who are dissatisfied with the moviegoers’ app, Sinemia.

Kyland Has Now Been Labeled a ‘Karen’

The resurfaced tweets have led to a deluge of memes making fun of Kyland’s behavior and calling him a “Karen.”

Urban Dictionary defines the term “Karen” as “a pejorative term used in the United States and other English-speaking countries for a woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary.” Another entry states that a Karen “can be found complaining to managers at either Burger King, or any McDonald’s with a play area.”

Some Twitter users have begun calling Kyland “Kyren.” In memes, so-called “Karens” are often depicted with a blonde, choppy haircut. The infamous Karen haircut has been pasted onto Kyland’s head in various memes.

“Big Brother” alum Janelle Pierzina has even gotten in on the action. She retweeted one of Kyland’s complaints and added, “James when I harmed him in OTEV. He was harmed!!!”

Pierzina was referring to the infamous “Big Brother 7” veto competition in which James Rhine claimed that Janelle kicked him and grabbed a doll out of his hand in order to win. “She took the doll out of my hand, physically assaulted me…I am harmed,” James said in the Diary Room.

Kyland Threw Shade at Taylor Swift In One Tweet

In 2019, Kyland took to Twitter to share his opinions on singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and her feud with music industry mogul Scooter Braun.

I’ve never heard a regular person (non-“Swifty”) who met @taylorswift13 & said she’s pleasant (Im talking about 10+ ppl, staff at various events who interacted w/ her). I’ve only heard nice things about @scooterbraun from those same ppl… now he’s getting bullied #justsayin,” Kyland tweeted

Kyland Is On the Block This Week

This week on “Big Brother,” Kyland is on the block next to his friend Sarah Beth. On Thursday, September 2, one of them will become the next member of the jury in a live eviction.

Tune in for a new episode of “Big Brother” on Wednesday, September 1 at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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