Canadian ‘When Calls the Heart’ Trailers Reveal New Season 9 Clues

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If the new “When Calls the Heart” trailer released by Hallmark wasn’t enough, Super Channel Heart & Home — which airs the series in Canada — has two new trailers with intriguing clues about season 9. These clues include a moment between Elizabeth and Lucas that has left fans swooning.

The First Trailer Reveals Sweet Moments Between Key Characters

The first trailer for season 9 was shared on January 25 on SC Heart & Home’s Twitter account. You can watch the trailer above.

The trailer begins with the same balloon ride that we’ve previously seen Elizabeth and Lucas sharing in other sneak peeks released by Hallmark.

In this trailer, we next get a brief moment where Bill and Molly chat at the saloon. This is the first time we’ve seen the two characters together in a sneak peek before the new season’s release.

This scene is likely taking place during the surprise party for Elizabeth that we see in Hallmark’s trailer.

Next, we see Nathan (with his mustache) look over at Elizabeth as she’s holding Little Jack. Then he turns his attention back to Faith, who is standing next to him.

We see Ned and Florence dressed up for a performance. Photos of the couple wearing their costume are also included in the season 9 episode 1 pictures that Hallmark released. Ned and Florence look like they’re really happy and enjoying married life together. Some fans are saying that Ned and Florence are hosting a reopening of the town soda shop with a special event.

We also see Joseph and Minnie Canfield, appearing like they are happily enjoying life in Hope Valley.

A happy Nathan sits next to Allie on a swing in the next scene.

Lee puts his arm around Rosemary in the next scene. This trailer appears to be showcasing a lot of happy couples and happy family units.

Then there’s the iconic scene with Lucas and Elizabeth walking together with Little Jack happily enjoying the company.

There’s a brief clip of Fiona giving Hickam a haircut. We already know they’re in business together, but could a romance also be starting?

Then we see Henry. He’s one of the few who doesn’t look happy in this trailer. Instead, he looks like he has the world on his shoulders.

Next is a clip of Mei Sou introducing herself to Nathan. This is a clip from the same sneak peek that Hallmark has released showing Nathan may have his eye on her this season.

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Super Channel Heart & Home Also Released a Short 18-Second Clip That Has Some Fans Swooning

The same channel also released a short 18-second clip with new Lucas-Elizabeth footage that has left fans talking. You can watch the clip in the Twitter video below.

In the clip, we actually first get a glimpse of Nathan’s love life and the changes coming his way. We see him meeting Mei Sou and we see a brief glimpse of her riding past him fast, perhaps in their first unofficial meeting that they both allude to in their conversation later.

We get another look at Ned and Florence’s special performance that they’re putting on for the kids.

We see Rosemary hard at work at the newspaper that she started last season.

And we also see a moment where Lucas is actually dressed in more casual clothing. He’s working on a motorbike, and we see a sweet moment where Elizabeth leans in close and brushes some hair out of his face.

Fans are swooning over that last scene between Elizabeth and Lucas. Irma Breuil wrote on Twitter, “No words needed” along with the #LucaBeth hashtag.

Fans are loving the idea of seeing Lucas working on Lee’s old motorbike and showing another side of himself that isn’t always business-focused.

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