‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Confronts Men Suspected of Pursuing Underaged Girl

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A Love & Hip Hop star interfered when she suspected that grown men were pursuing an underage girl. Shekinah Jo Anderson, who is casted on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, went up to a car that had two adult men in the front and a girl in the back because she felt the girl looked too young to be in the car with them. While on Instagram Live, Anderson gave the men a tongue lashing while also questioning the girl about why she was with them.

In the video, she questioned the girl about where she met the men, why she was in the car with them and where all of them were going. She also pressed the men about the age, telling one of them that they looked old enough to be her father.

“He’s 22-years-old. You look like you’re 45, 50-years-old. What are you doing?” she said to the men.

“You don’t look like you belong with them,” she said to the girl. “There’s somebody out there that loves you. I love you. I just seen you in the back seat. You look like a little girl.”

When she went back to her own car, she expressed how frustrated she was after the whole encounter.

“I can’t stand these n*****!,” she yelled. “They get on my motherf****** nerves! She doesn’t look like she needs to be in the car with them! I wanted to take her and snatch her a** up out of there!”

She also posted the video of the encounter on her Instagram page with the caption:

“Y’all over grown a** men need to stop f****** with lil girls!!!!,” she captioned the video. “And y’all lil ladies need to work on saving yourself!!! Yes I spoke up because I had to!!!!!! Y’all need to start speaking up!!!!”

See the video here.

Shekinah Jo Has a History of Physical Abuse

In 2017, Anderson posted a picture of her with a bruised eye on Instagram. In the caption, she pleaded for prayers after she took a beating. She later deleted the picture but The Shade Room reposted it on their page, which you can see above.

In an interview a week after her assault, she revealed that the assault took place at her hair salon. She said that he has trying to break down the door to her salon and when she opened the door for him he began repeatedly punching her in her face. Listen to the interview below.

Exclusive: Shekinah Jo speaks out about her abusive relationshipExclusive: Shekinah Jo (Tiny's hairdresser) speaks out about her abusive relationship. Pray for her. Yesterday Shekinah sent a message on social media saying "Please pray for me this man just beat me sooo bad please pray for me!!"2017-04-25T16:57:17Z

She also went on Instagram Live after she posted and deleted the video and publicly addressed the situation. She said she contacted the police but they weren’t helpful.

“I called the police before I went on Instagram,” she said according to The Jasmine Brand. “I got pissed off at the police because they weren’t coming. I was like, ‘Hey, somebody needs to know what this man has done to me.’ I don’t approve of no woman getting their a** beat.”

She also spoke about another time where he “mushed” her in the face before she was scheduled to appear on The Real. 

“The first time me and this young man got into it we were tussling, because I was hitting him,” she said. “It ain’t no secret. I was hitting him. He accused me of something and I popped him. I was wrong. I take that. The second time he mushed me in my face before I went to The Real. Let’s get it clear. I didn’t get my a** beat. I got mushed in my face. That was wrong too. Nobody don’t deserve to be mushing nobody in the face. But got mushed.”

While on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, she opened about being in abusive relationships in the past.

When castmate Spice asked her about why she was single on an April episode, Anderson explained that it was because of her past experiences.

“That’s why I’m single,” she said. “B****, I been through some thangs. I’ve been to the point where dudes have physically abused me and I don’t f*** with that. They put you in a box where you supposed to be doing everything right and they still f******around on you. I don’t f*** with these n******.”


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