Katee Sackhoff Talks Bo-Katan Spinoff in Interview


Katee Sackhoff recently talked about the possibility of a Bo-Katan spinoff in the Star Wars universe on Disney+, and whether or not she would be involved.

Sackhoff Believes She Would Be ‘Selfish’ To Want to Star in Her Own Series

Sackhoff portrayed Bo-Katan Kryze in The Mandalorian Season 2 and viewers thought she captured the character beautifully. However, Sackhoff was open in an interview with Comicbook.com, revealing that although she would love to be in a new series, she thinks it would be “selfish” of her.

She told Comicbook.com:

It’s an interesting thing, because I love Bo and, selfishly, as the performer that gets to play her, I’m like, ‘Sure, let’s do this.’ But at the same time, Bo fits very beautifully in the Mando world. That’s not to say that she couldn’t have shown up in these other things, but she fits beautifully as this character that is in that world right now. And it would just be selfish of me to want more.

She Sees Room for a Spinoff That Doesn’t Include Her

Interestingly, she thinks the best avenue for a spinoff would be one that doesn’t include her in it. Instead, she believes a better idea would be a series focusing on Bo-Katan’s younger years, she told Comicbook.com.

“I will say that if they were going to do something like that, not to take myself out of it, but I would love to see early Bo, which … there’s not enough Botox in the world to take me back there,” she joked.

She emphasized that this is all speculation and she really has no idea when or if she’ll be returning to the Star Wars universe. She said that she and Dave Filoni sometimes just text in general about her character, where she ended up, and what she’s doing now.

“I love to talk to him about the missing pieces to where she is now… So I know all that stuff, but I have no idea what’s happening,” she revealed.

Not every fan believes her, though. On a Reddit discussion thread, one fan said that Bill Burr said he wouldn’t be in Season 2 of The Mandalorian, but he ultimately was. So they aren’t sure if they believe that Sackhoff has no idea what’s going to happen.

As for the fans, they have mixed feelings about what they want to see next in the universe. On Twitter, one fan said that they loved how Bo-Katan was portrayed, but they’re worried about how other prequel series will fare.

Some fans think that Sackhoff’s idea for a prequel is a great idea, especially if it included when her character wielded the Darksaber.

However, other fans aren’t on board and don’t think Bo-Katan could carry a series by herself.

Even a Reddit discussion about the idea of a series about a younger Bo-Katan has fans divided. One fan wrote, “I would definitely watch that” while another commented, “I would pass on that story. But that’s just me.”

At this time, there are no clear plans for a spinoff series and Disney hasn’t made any official comments one way or the other about the idea.

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