Farrah Abraham Slammed Over COVID-19 Vaccine

Farrah Abraham

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Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham was blasted by some netizens after she received the coronavirus vaccine. Farrah wrote in a March 1 post that her immune system was compromised, but some fans were still confused why the 29-year-old was getting the vaccine before others.

“G.I Joe – Mom reporting for duty #covidvacccine complete ✅ women who have compromised immune systems prioritize your #covid19 vaccine 💉 #womanshistorymonth #health #safety #farrahabraham #parents #lucky #minority #minoritiesinmedicine #immunesystem,” she wrote.

Farrah wrote a lacey face mask and a spaghetti strap top to get the vaccine. She also used a filter that elongated her eyelashes.

The post garnered more than 21,000 likes and amassed 1,500 comments as netizens discussed her post.

Some people on Reddit accused Farrah of faking her illness. “Girl, I feel conflicted about this, like I actually have an immune system disorder that is untreatable and gives me no protection against respiratory stuff and I can’t get vaccinated,” they wrote. “I don’t know if I really think she has a health issue that impacts her immune system because she definitely would have told everyone all about it in a super inappropriate way.”

A few were surprised that Farrah wanted to get the shot. “I’m honestly shocked that she would get it. I figured she was an anti-vaxxer,” they said.

Others were worried Farrah was using her “celebrity” to get ahead of the line. “I am all for people getting this vaccine but I dragged Farrah on here and got downvoted for it,” they said. “Like, I’m sorry but we are far away from 30-year-old social media ‘celebrities’ being in line for this vaccine at this point. Maybe in a couple of months I’ll change my mind but I know too many elderly and frontline workers who still can’t get an appt.”

Heavy reached out to Farrah for comment but didn’t immediately hear back, however, having a compromised immune system could make her qualify for the vaccine.

Farrah Previously Said She Loved ‘Coronavirus Season’

In the early days of the pandemic, Farrah received blowback when she said she was loving “coronavirus season” in March 2020, shortly after the lockdown orders started.

Farrah created a video where she had Sophia give tips about home schooling. “Everything can be done from home and online, and I am super-pumped about that, because I am such a homebody, and I kinda love coronavirus season,” she said.

In another post, she shared an image of herself and her 11-year-old daughter riding scooters. “Still the coolest celeb mom even during #covid_19,” the mother-of-one captioned the post.

Farrah Addressed Her ‘Coronavirus Season’ Comment

The Teen Mom alum later addressed her controversial comment.

“A lot of moms who are like stay-at-home moms or just travel with their kids, we’re used to self-quarantining ourselves,” she told Too Fab in an exclusive interview. “I mean I stock up, I get everything, I’m like a supermom –and that’s how I roll.”

“I’m not used to wearing gloves and masks, and running out of Clorox and toilet paper and all that,” she continued. “But I’m definitely used to being at home and being around my daughter 24/7… a lot of people have had a hard time juggling school and everything at home and working from home.”

“Coronavirus season should only come once, and hopefully it’s gone soon,” Farrah finished.

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