Mackenzie Edwards ‘Sad’ Post Amid Situation With Bentley

Mackenzie Edwards

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Mackenzie Edwards shared a new post amid the strained situation with her stepson, Bentley.

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie Edwards shared a new post amid the strained situation with her stepson, Bentley. Even though she will occasionally post on social media, she usually refrains from sharing family updates that include her husband, Ryan Edwards. He’s not exactly a favorite among Teen Mom fans and Mackenzie posted a message that conveyed the type of negativity they endure on Instagram.

Mackenzie took a screenshot of messages that were sent to her inbox from a viewer. “You are a fat terrible mother who should go kill their self [sic]. How can you even be proud to be married to Ryan? You probably do drugs with him,” the person said.

“This is why social media is bad for people’s mental health,” Mackenzie, 24, wrote.

Hours later she posted a follow-up message on her stories. “So the reason that I posted that message wasn’t to say woe is me or feel bad for me, or anything like that. But the point is you never know what someone on the opposite or receiving end of that message is going through,” she said. “It could be what sends them right over the edge.”

“So you always need to be careful saying stuff like that to people and stuff like that is not ok,” the Tennessee native continued. “I’m sorry. I’m not about cancel culture but I am about canceling stuff like that. Sad.”

In a December 30 post, Mackenzie answered a fan who asked why didn’t show more of Ryan. “Why is Ryan never in your stories? I never see him or hear him in the background,” they wrote.

She responded: “lol y’all got some mean lil comments anytime he is lmao.”

Ryan Joked About Being ‘Dangerous’

Bentley has been struggling with his relationship with his father and has taken a step back from seeing him. In last week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Bentley decided to see Mackenzie and Ryan after weeks of no visitations because it was Jagger’s second birthday. The 12-year-old previously said he wanted to go to therapy with his father so they could work on their issues, but Ryan seemed to blame his ex-girlfriend, Maci Bookout.

While figuring out what they were going to do for Jaggers birthday, Mackenzie said she wanted to throw a little “something, something” for him. Ryan said “of course” he wanted his oldest son to be there.

“I know you want him to be here for sure but I have to see if that’s a possibility,” Ryans’s mother Jen, who communicates with Maci, explained. “He hasn’t been around you in awhile… I’d be sad if he’s not here for his birthday.”

“We’re dangerous peeps,” he told his family.

Mackenzie Worried Some Viewers With Her Weight Loss

Since giving birth to baby Stella, Mackenzie has dropped all her pregnancy weight and then some. A recent post that showed her progress worried some fans, as noted by The Hollywood Gossip. Some feared her weightloss was too drastic.

Mackenzie posted in her workout gear, which showed dumbbells on the floor. “Even when you have a million reasons not to… show up. Show up for you,” she captioned the post.

She regularly talks about fitness on Instagram and has promoted products and brands like Athleta and Essentia water.

“Lots of social distancing, masks required at ALL times, and a clean&comfortable fitting room to try on all of their CUTE AF outfits,” she wrote in an Athlea post. “They even have curbside so you never have to leave the car!”

Essentia was one of Mackenzie’s first endorsements after she showed off her weight loss. ”
When I’m running around doing all the mom things I always keep @essentiawater with me!” the mother-of-three wrote in an October post. “Not only for me but for my kids as well!”

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