‘Queen’ Victoria Larson’s Eye Condition From ‘The Bachelor’

'Queen' Victoria Larson

ABC/Craig Sjodin 'Queen' Victoria Larson during a 'Bachelor' cocktail party.

“Queen” Victoria Larson is setting the record straight after Bachelor viewers called her out for having bags under her eyes.

This season’s “villain” commented “Lmao!!” on an Instagram meme account’s post saying, “girl maybe sleeping on the couch is the reason why you got those bags under your eyes.”

Larson said she slept on the common area couch after a clash with roommate Marylynn Sienna during a wedding-themed group date, The Sun reported.

According to The Sun, she addressed the post in her Instagram story, writing, “Hahahaha the caption I’m crying. Nooo, I got a mf stye from the group date!”

WebMD says a stye is “a small red bump, sometimes with a white head, inside or outside your eyelid” that “happens when one of the glands along your eyelid is clogged and irritated.” It is recommended to not wear eye makeup for the duration of a stye.

Larson Has Received Criticism for the Appearance of Her Eyes

Bachelor Nation is quick to comment on Larson’s appearance, specifically her eyes. As one viewer tweeted, “Can we talk about Queen Victoria’s swelling eye?!? What is happening????”

“Victoria’s eye bags get bigger every episode,” one Twitter user wrote. Another queried about the cause, “What happened to queen Victoria’s eye – it looks like she has a black eye, or it’s infected?”

The cause, now attributed to a stye, was mistaken by some viewers as pink eye or an allergic reaction. One viewer wondered, “does Victoria have pink eye or did she get stung by another girl?” while another wrote, “did someone sneak a cat into the mansion and she’s having an allergic reaction???”

At least one Bachelor Nation fan came to her defense, explaining the appearance of a stye. They wrote, “I’m not shocked by this, but bachelor nation Twitter not knowing the difference between a stye and pink eye is driving me wild. Victoria has a stye, which can cause the swelling, inflammation, and slight discoloration. Not contagious, and definitely not pink eye!”

Larson Is at the Center of Much of the Show’s Drama

The controversy surrounding Larson is hardly limited to the appearance of her eyes. The “Queen” seems to be ruffling feathers on and off the show.

After Bri Springs was announced as the first one-on-one date of the season, Larson clashed with her cast mates over her desire to spend time with Bachelor Matt James rather than with the women.

Her confrontation narrowed to just her roommate, Sienna. “Like, you said, ‘I want to pick your brain and understand you and see why you act the way you do,’ you said that,” claimed Larson. She added, “That was insulting to me.”

Sienna rebutted, “I said, ‘I would like to get to know each other so that we can better understand each other.” She later said, “We have to room together, we have to live together, I’m trying to make it work.”

Despite the televised version showing Larson storming off, an unaired clip shows her returning to their room to find her bags removed. Larson said in a confessional interview, “So Marylynn threw my bags out.”

She seemed to make strides with the women for her second group date performance of her “love story with Matt.” Yet, when Sarah Trott crashed the date, Larson led the charge against the former journalist in a move franchise alum called “bullying.”

Trott’s involvement in the drama is not over, as a promo video shows that comments Larson made about her exit led to a feud with Katie Thurston.

Larson has also faced backlash over the appearance of a Trump flag in the background of an Instagram post and the resurfacing of her arrest record.

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