How to Get the Fortnite Rainbow Fog Wrap For Free

fortnite rainbow fog wrap

Epic Games

Another Fortnite update has arrived and with it came a bunch of new features that have been added into the game, and there’s even a free weapon wrap up for grabs!

Part of the v14.60 update is the introduction of video chat to Fortnite, something that will allow you to see your friends’ faces while playing the game, which might not be a thing that’ll interest you a whole lot.

Whether or not you’ll actually want to video chat is irrelevant in this case if you’re in it for the free wrap. Just by linking your Epic account to the Houseparty app, you’ll be able to earn the wrap.

How to Link Epic & Houseparty

To get started, you’ll need to download the Houseparty app on iOS or Android. From there, all you’ll have to do is create an account and link that to your Epic Games account.

Once that’s done, if done correctly, you can just log into Fortnite and you should be greeted with the free wrap.

  1. Open Houseparty on iOS or Android and Connect to Fortnite through Settings or the TV icon.
  2. Join your friends like you normally would or invite them to join you
  3. Fire up Fortnite on a PC or PlayStation
  4. Continue talking to your friends while you play

Epic says to follow those steps, but at the time of writing, it doesn’t seem like you can actually connect, but they said they’ll let you know when it’s an option.

If that’s not an option for you, or if you just want to get the wrap in a different, Epic has offered you another way to get this free cosmetic.

Play With Friends

As an alternative way to get this cosmetic, you can fire up Fortnite between November 20 and 26 and play at least five matches with your friends.

Epic says that if you do this, you’ll earn the wrap that way for free and it should arrive in your locker by December 4.

It sounds like that’ll be a slower way to earn the wrap, but it will cut out the hassle of having to download a new app and link it to your Epic Games account. If you already play with friends when you play Fortnite, then this will actually be the easier option for you.

Either way, this is a free wrap, so figure out what way will work best for you.

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