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7 Best T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights

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T5 fluorescent lighting systems are becoming increasingly popular with hydroponic gardeners because of the energy efficiency and great yields that come with this type of lighting. Plants thrive under T5 fluorescent lights, without the excessive cost that often comes with traditional metal halide or HID systems. T5 lights are great for early growth stages of your plants, from seedlings to vegetative growth. This article goes over the best T5 grow lights available in 2018. My personal favorite is in the #1 spot, with the rest of the list in no particular order.

agrobrite t5 fluorescent cfl grow light Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Runs quietly and cool
  • Includes fixture and bulbs
  • Five year warranty
Price: $121.97 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
durolux t5 fluorescent cfl grow light Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Choose two or four bulbs
  • Easy to daisy chain
  • 10,000 lumens
Price: $62.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Large system with four x four foot bulbs
  • 20,000 lumens
  • Runs warm, good for seedlings
Price: $109.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
vivosun t5 grow light bulbs cfl Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Five bulbs
  • Very inexpensive
  • High quality
Price: $41.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Jump Start 4' T5 Grow Light System Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Comes with stand
  • Four foot or two foot length
  • Easy to set up
Price: $145.88 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
sun blaze t5 cfl grow light Amazon Customer Reviews
  • One year warranty
  • Reflector hood and bulbs included
  • Light weight
Price: $46.27 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
hydrofarm t5 cfl grow light Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Many configurations to choose from
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Two power switches
Price: $278.08 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. AgroBrite FLT24 T5 Fixture

    • Does not need additional ventilation
    • T5 light bulbs included
    • Five year warranty
    • Some reviewers noted that the bulbs did not last long
    • Does not come with a timer
    • Not full spectrum

    This customizable fixture from AgroBrite is the full package, with T5 bulbs included. The lumen output is rated at up to 8,000 lumens, and the powder coated steel housing is ideal for maximizing your plants’ light coverage. This is a low profile set up, meaning it does not take up too much space in your grow room or tent. You can hang this fixture either overhead, vertical or horizontal and it can be combined with multiple fixtures for maximum coverage. This light comes in multiple sizes, either two feet or four feet long with two tubes, four tubes or eight tubes.

  2. 2. DuroLux Two Foot, Four Bulb T5 Grow Light DL824

    • Customizable with two lights or four lights on at any time
    • Easy to combine with other fixtures for maximum coverage
    • Powerful 10,000 lumen output
    • Can only be mounted horizontally
    • the ballast is not easily accessible
    • Some reviewers had issues with customer service and broken bulbs

    This two foot long lighting fixture comes with four T5 lightbulbs included. It puts out an impressive 10,000 lumens for some serious growth in your garden. The German Hammertone reflectors in this fixture are rated at 95% reflective and put out 30% more light total than other T5 lights. There is a power outlet included on the fixture itself, making it easy to daisy chain multiple fixtures together and power up to 12 fixtures using only one wall outlet. You can also customize each fixture further by using the two separate power switches – one for the inner bulbs, and one for the outer bulbs. You are not stuck with the same configuration, so you can use this fixture in multiple different grow operations that require different lighting conditions.

  3. 3. DuroLux Four Foot, Four Bulb T5 Grow Light DL844s

    • Very powerful at 20,000 lumens
    • Light runs warm so you do not need a heating pad for seed starting
    • Great for cloning
    • No warranty
    • May need additional ventilation
    • Not full spectrum

    This advanced light fixture is from the same manufacturer as above, but with twice as much output as the two foot model. This four foot long, four bulb set up puts out a massive 20,000 lumens and has the same German Hammertone reflector hood for maximum light output. You can daisy chain up to 5 of these grow lights together using only one wall outlet. This makes it really convenient to use in a larger grow op, because you do not have to worry about the clutter or danger of multiple extension cords for each light. This set up also includes two power switches, one each for the inner and outer bulbs so that you can tun down the power if needed and fully customize your lighting.

  4. 4. Vivosun 4 FT 6400K T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs

    • Inexpensive
    • 54W per bulb, 6400K color temperature
    • Well known brand
    • No warranty
    • Some reviewers had bulbs burn out quickly
    • Does not come with hood or ballast

    This set of T5 lights is a great deal at less than $30 for five bulbs. When you consider the amount of power you get from T5 lights and the impressive quality from a well known brand such as Apollo, this is an excellent deal. The package includes five T5 light bulbs at 54 watts each, with a color temperature of 6400K. You can also get a pack of five lights at 2700K. These lights put out 4,850 lumens per bulb, which can be increased with a reflective hood.

  5. 5. Jump Start 4′ T5 Grow Light System (Stand, Fixture & Tube)

    • Comes with T5 bulbs
    • Can be set up anywhere, does not need a special location or tent
    • Reputable manufacturer and great quality
    • Takes up a lot of space
    • Not full spectrum
    • No warranty

    This T5 fixture from Hydrofarm has a unique configuration, which is ideal for seedlings, cuttings and clones. The lamp puts out 15% to 20% more lumens than other T5 set ups. Set up is very easy and there is a quick toggle clamp included to make it easy for you to adjust the height of your lamp. This lets you grow anything from the smallest seedlings to tall plants. The great thing about this fixture is that you do not have to mount the light to a ceiling or build a frame, it comes included with its own frame and can be easily assembled and disassembled as needed. This system comes in two foot or four foot sizes to fit any small to medium sized hyroponics system.

  6. 6. Sun Blaze T5 High Output Fluorescent Strip Light

    • One Year Warranty
    • Lightweight and comes with hangers
    • Comes with reflector hood and T5 bulbs included
    • Not as powerful as other systems at 2,000 lumens
    • Warranty is for repair only, not replacement
    • Some reviewers had inconsistency with some bulbs not working

    The Sun Blaze T5 light strip is a quick and easy solution for any sized garden. It comes in two foot and four foot lengths with between one and eight tubes. The ballast is rated as a High Output model for a longer lifespan. This fixture comes included with your T5 light bulbs so it is ready to go as soon as it arrives. It is easy to daisy chain multiple lights together, so you can combine as many as you need for the perfect lighting in your grow room. It also comes with a two year warranty just in case anything goes wrong.

  7. 7. Hydrofarm Agrobrite Designer T5 System

    • Two power switches for customizability
    • Rugged housing construction
    • Low profile, won’t take up much room
    • Very powerful, may need extra ventilation to prevent burning plants
    • No warranty
    • Some customers had issues with shipping

    Hydrofarm is one of the best manufacturers of hydroponic lighting systems out there. This four foot, eight tube system is no exception. The housing is constructed of high quality and durable, powder coated textured steel so that it will last through multiple growing seasons with no issues. It is also built to be low profile so it can be used even in smaller grow tents. It comes with eight 6400K T5 lights, a ten foot power cord and all of the hangers necessary to hang either overhead or vertical.

    There are also two power switches that give you the option to power all eight lamps at once or only four, so the light can grow with your garden if you decide to add or remove plants. This light comes in two and four foot lengths with between twoand eight bulbs.

What is T5? The "T" in T5 is a way of identifying the bulb size. T5 lights are the smallest diameter fluorescent bulbs available. They are 5/8 of an inch in diameter, about the size of a dime, as opposed to T8 or T12 bulbs which are larger. T5 bulbs are also shorter than T8 and T12. The reason they are so popular with hydroponics is because they are even more efficient and put out more lumens per watt than larger bulbs. T5 bulbs are slightly more expensive, but for hydro growers looking to get the most yield out of their gardens, this cost is not significant.

Why Choose T5 Lights? Fluorescent lights, especially T5's, are extremely energy efficient. This is great for hydro farmers because when growing a garden, you have to leave the lights on for up to 12 hours a day. If you have a light that produces a lot of heat, that heat is wasted energy and ends up increasing your electricity bill, not to mention the extra cost of installing and running high powered fans to dissipate that heat. Your plants might even consume more water if your light is releasing too much heat into the environment, especially if you use a grow tent. T5 lights produce ambient temperature of only 95 degrees, and do not require much, if any additional ventilation.

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