Top 5 Best Christmas Bathroom Towels 2017

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about decorations. If you’re someone who tends to go all out for the holidays, you may be thinking…what else can I do? How else can I incorporate some Christmas cheer into my home? One room in your house that may be feeling a little left-out of the holiday happenings is your bathroom. While you can keep things simple and decorate with a Santa soap dispenser or some Christmas hand towels…why not take it up a notch and decorate with some Christmas bathroom towels?

Christmas bath towels not only add a festive touch to your bathroom, they’re also functional as you can use them yourself, or use them to stock up your guest bathroom for family and friends that are visiting over the Christmas season. Christmas bath towels are subtle in design as they usually have a simple embroidered Christmas symbol or picture along the edge of the towel, so they add a nice Christmas touch without being overwhelming. Most Christmas bath towels also come with a a matching hand towel or wash cloth, so it’s easy to create a complete look in your bathroom.

Read on for our list of the best Christmas bathroom towels, listed in no particular order.

1. Lenox Holiday Printed Bath Towel

christmas bathroom towel


The Lenox Holiday print is a classic Christmas design that can be carried throughout your home. The beige background has light green holly with red berries printed on the front, as well as a cheery red trim. The bath towel is 27 inches by 50 inches so it’s a nice sized bath towel, and it’s made with 100% cotton so it’s soft, absorbent, and holds up well in the wash. If you’re looking for a towel that will help tie in the Christmas theme without being overwhelming, this is an excellent choice. Hand towels and fingertip towels in the same pattern are also available, as well as a matching shower curtain.

Price: $18

Buy the Lenox Holiday Printed Bath Towel here.

2. Avanti Linens Spode Christmas Tree Embroidered Bath Towel

christmas bathroom towel, spode bath towel

Avanti Linens

The Spode Christmas tree is one of the most timeless and iconic Christmas patterns. This Christmas bath towel has an off-white background with the Spode Christmas tree printed on the bottom and a dark green trim. The towel is made with 100% cotton, so it washes well and is soft to the touch. This makes a great gift for the Spode lover in your life, or for someone who is looking to start a collection. You could even pair the bath towel with a Spode hand towel or a Spode soap dispenser.

Price: $16.99 (11 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Avanti Linens Spode Christmas Tree Embroidered Bath Towel here.

3. Collections Etc. Festive Snowman Towel Set

christmas bathroom towel, christmas bath towel set

Collections Etc.

If you prefer Christmas decor that has a rustic vibe, this three-piece snowman set is a great option. The background color of the towel has the look of burlap (thankfully it’s not made from burlap…ouch!), along with an embroidered snowman and a bright red ribbon around the edge. The set includes a bath towel (24 inches by 48 inches), hand towel (16 inches by 25 inches) and wash cloth (12 inches by 12 inches), so you can deck out your entire bathroom with just one purchase. This set is especially nice for guest bathrooms, as it has everything your guests will need. Pair the towels with this Snow Time Country Snowman Shower Curtain, and you’re all set.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Collections Etc. Festive Snowman Towel Set here.

4. Elainer Luxury Christmas Bath Towel

christmas bathroom towel


If you prefer a minimalist approach when it comes to decorating for Christmas, this towel is perfect for you. The towel is all white with a band on the edge that has an embroidered reindeer on it. You can choose between red or gray for the reindeer, and there is also a snowflake design that’s equally cute and simple. The soft bath towel is made with 100% cotton, and measures at 28 inches by 49 inches. Guest towels and hand towels are available in the same design, or you can purchase the entire set of three (all found at the link below). If you don’t want to change up your entire bathroom but want to incorporate some Christmas decorations, these towels are a subtle way to accomplish that look.

Price: $25.99

Buy the Elainer Luxury Christmas Bath Towel here.

5. Chakir Turkish Linens Cranberry Bath Towels

christmas bath towel, red bath towels

Chakir Turkish Linens

Anyone who has a lot of family staying over the holidays knows that guests go through bath towels faster than you can say “Merry Christmas.” While these towels don’t have a Christmas symbol on them, they are a nice merry red that will complement any Christmas decor. Made with 100% Turkish cotton, these bath towels are ultra soft and have a nice thick weave that will hold up to multiple washes. These towels also come in a set of four, so it’s easy to have enough to accommodate all of your immediate family and guests.

Price: $43.99

Buy the Chakir Turkish Linens Cranberry Bath Towels here.

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