Top 10 Best Easter Centerpieces for Your Table 2021

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Everyone wants to wow their families and friends when they’re hosting a party. You clean and tidy until the place is spotless, but it’s the decorations that really create a festive holiday atmosphere. Impressing your guests with a cohesive and chic theme starts with the centerpiece of your tablescape.

The centerpiece sets the tone for your decoration scheme. It’s what everyone will be looking at as they enjoy Easter dinner. I’ve pulled together some of the best Easter centerpieces of 2021 to inspire your tablescape this season.

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Easter Party Tips

Have a few simple activities planned for the kids. Even if you’re planning to have an Easter Egg hunt, having something extra to keep the little ones occupied while the adults chat will make everything run a little smoother–something as simple as egg decorating, coloring books, or construction paper to create their own bunny masks.

Get outside if you can. The spring weather after this hard winter is something to really celebrate. If you’re looking to spruce up your yard for the party, read my guide to the Best Outdoor Easter Decorations. This also makes your house easier for guests to find.

Plan out your Easter egg hunt. Egg hunts are traditional and fun, but when you have a mixed age group, it can turn into shoving and tears. Take into account the age of the kids who’ll be on the egg hunt. Consider setting an egg count limit for each child or having different colored eggs for different age groups. As far a numbers, 15 to 20 eggs per child is usually a good amount.

Have a variety of treats. Whether you’re a natural baker or a natural at buying a cake from the store, give your guests some options in their sweet treats. Carrot cake is clever, but some folks may really be craving chocolate Easter eggs. See my guide to the Best Easter Chocolate and Candy for more ideas.

Enlist some help. Find some helpers whether its yours kids, a friend, or partner. Throwing a party is a ton of work and having someone else to act as your assistant makes party set up easier and more enjoyable. Too often the hosts are so occupied and exhausted from the planning that we miss out on the fun of the party. That isn’t a necessary sacrifice. With a few helping hands, everything can go smoother.

Let’s get to those centerpieces.

1. Jim Shore 12th Anniversary Easter Basket Centerpiece

Pastel Easter basket with resin eggs, Jim Shore, Easter centerpieces


Jim Shore is known for cute collectibles and that’s this Easter basket to a T. The basket is cast in stone resin with intricate details all over from the twining flowers on the handle, purple tulips, white cala lilies, and each adorable baby chick or rabbit character decorating the rim. The three pastel painted Easter eggs inside the basket are separate and removable in case you’d like to fill the basket with something else and scatter these matching eggs around your table. Each piece is hand-painted and the bottom of the basket is covered in felt to protect your table surfaces.

Price: $52.50

Buy the Jim Shore 12th Anniversary Easter Basket Centerpiece here.

2. Topsy Rabbit Stand

White rabbit serving plate, Topsy Rabbit, Easter centerpiece


If your table seems to always get crowded during holiday meals, a centerpiece that can manage double-duty as a decoration and serving plate can be a big help. Handmade in ceramic, this sweet bunny is lending a hand (or foot) with your party by holding up a 6.6 inch diameter plate. The elevation of the serving plate also helps make your table seem less crowded as it breaks up the levels. It’s not large enough to be a cake plate, but is perfect for cookies, small cupcakes, or macaroons. It’s a unique little piece that will make your guests smile.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Topsy Rabbit Stand here.

3. Wildflower Easter Egg Candle Ring

Wildflower and egg candle ring, Easter centerpiece, candle ring, Easter tablescape


One quick way to turn your table into a spring landscape is with a candle ring. This ring is handmade and features artificial wildflowers and speckled, pastel Easter eggs. It’s a full foot in diameter and the center is wide enough to fit up to a four inch diameter candle. The spring colors and wildflower look instantly brighten up a room. This doesn’t come with a candle but you can find flameless candles and cute rhinestone Easter candles that fit the bill.

Price: $21.99

Buy the Wildflower Easter Egg Candle Ring here.

4. Bunny in a Top Hat Centerpiece

Burlap tap hat with bunny and carrot, Easter centerpieces, Easter tablescape


For a playful centerpiece that the kids will love, you may want this natural fiber Easter rabbit peeking up out of a top hat. The hat is decorated with artificial leaves and lavender-colored flowers. It puts this centerpiece square in the middle of Easter and Alice in Wonderland tea party–which can be a really good thing because you can probably reuse it for a birthday tea party later. This bunny is holding a sisal carrot that brings just enough color to the centerpiece to give it that spring brightness. At nine inches tall, it’s a good size decoration that will be prominent on your table.

Price: $25

Buy the Bunny in a Top Hat Centerpiece here.

5. Pair of Easter Bunny Cups

Two little yellow bunnies on pink cups with greenery, Easter centerpieces, cupcake easter tablescape


Even if you’re on a budget, you can still pull off a festive tablescape. These two Easter Bunny Cups are studded with artificial greenery in floral paper cups and topped with pastel yellow bunnies and eggs. The shape and color of the bunnies reminds me of Marshmallow Peeps. You can see a bit of the styrofoam at the base and the beaded egg design is bound to drop a few beads, but you can’t beat the price.

Price: $8.99

Buy the Pair of Easter Bunny Cups here.

6. Easter Terrarium Kit

Glass teardrop terrarium with flowers and tiny rabbits, Easter terrarium, DIY easter centerpieces


This kit was made for people who like the idea of DIY centerpieces but don’t always love the process. It comes with everything you see, but how you arrange your terrarium is up to you. The seven inch tall glass teardrop has a flat base for use on a table as well as a loop for hanging. It comes with wood bark chips, two bunnies on an acorn figurine, three different colors of real moss, and two different colors of silk flowers. You can arrange and decorate your miniature garden however you like, adding to it if you want or simply recreating what’s shown. It’s a great conversation starter and you’ll get to say you made it.

Price: $34.95

Buy the Easter Terrarium Kit here.

7. Wooden Easter Eggs in Basket

Colorful wooden Easter eggs in woven basket, Eastern European eggs, wooden easter eggs, Easter centerpieces


A more traditional look, this woven cane basket comes with 18 intricately patterned wooden eggs. The eggs are decorated with paper mache for a classic, vintage look. Each three inch egg is unique and has an Easter European feel to them. The basket is 13 inches in diameter so make sure your table will have room for this.

Price: $40.77

Buy the Wooden Easter Eggs in Basket here.

8. Silk Phalaenopsis Flower Centerpiece

Pink orchid in porcelain bowl, Louis Garden, artificial flowers, easter tablescape

Louis Garden

This high-quality artificial orchid is a nice choice for people who’d like to be able to use their centerpiece longer than just for Easter. The soft colors and delicate petals are all evocative of spring, without being covered in bunnies and painted eggs. It’s elegant, chic, and feminine. The flowers sit in a shallow “pool” of solid artificial water in a sleek porcelain pot. It’s a nice centerpiece size at around 11 inches tall, depending on how you bend the pliable stem. This silk orchid is also available in purple, red, and yellow.

Price: $26.59

Buy the Silk Phalaenopsis Flower Centerpiece here.

9. Moss & Twig Bunny

Green moss covered standing rabbit, Easter bunny, Easter garden tablescape, Shinodo Design

Shinodo Design

For a garden tablescape, this moss flocked bunny is a perfect addition. At 21 inches tall, it’s a sizable bunny that will draw attention to your table spread right away. The natural twig and moss construction brings the fresh greenery of the outdoors to your table without the mess or need for watering.

Price: $41.99

Buy the Moss & Twig Bunny here.

10. Burlap Egg Topiary

Tall tan egg topiary with burlap base, Easter topiary, rustic eater table


While it’s lacking the playful pastels you usually associate with Easter, this topiary is perfect for a more rustic tablescape. The speckled eggs are a more natural shade of tan and the straw and burlap are reminiscent of a farmyard. It’s two feet tall, so this would be your theme-setting centerpiece that catches everyone’s eye as soon as they walk in the room. This is perfect for pairing with painted wooden signs, faux birch candles, and this faux bois barn plank runner and trivet set.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Burlap Egg Topiary here.

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