VONT LED Outdoor Solar Light: Everything You Need to Know

VONT LED Solar Lights

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The Vont LED Outdoor Solar Light has been newly upgraded to be more powerful and provide more light. With an added 16 LED lights, the recently improved Vont can throw light at a 120-degree angle. The added angle and LEDs help illuminate large spaces throughout the area.

If you’re looking for a reliable LED outdoor solar light, then you’ll be pleased with the Vont. At nighttime, the solar light can illuminate your driveway, house, and lawn. The angle adjustment and pivot ensure that you can adjust the direction of the light without any hassle.

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Solar Powered Spotlights That Are Eco-friendly

The Vont uses solar panels to help power the device and is eco-friendly. All power is collected during the day and stored to be used at nighttime using a built-in 2000 mAh 18650 lithium battery. The Vont reduces the amount of energy used throughout the day and reduces overall electrical costs.

Aside from that, the Vont features an intuitive design that only starts operating when there are low-lit conditions. The solar-powered lights will shut off when sunrise happens to help conserve energy further. There’s no need to configure any settings or remote control the device. The device will automatically detect when it’s nightfall.

Buy The VONT LED Solar Lights Here

Two Switchable Brightness Modes

The Vont comes with two separate modes, which each operate at different levels. On Low Mode, the solar light will last for up to twelve hours. On the other hand, the high mode, which produces more light, will only last six hours. Once the battery runs out, it will need to charge.

However, the main benefit of the Vont is that the lights will dim and brighten according to the current brightness outdoors. The device will automatically adjust its levels to help conserve energy throughout the day. This particular model powers on at night and shuts off automatically at sunrise.

The spotlights in each Vont include 16 LED lights which provide ample amounts of light. This particular model functions at 50 lumens on the low setting and 100 lumens when set on high. As for the light temperature, it produces a cool white that illuminates the surrounding area.

Great Pivot & Lighting

To ensure that everything on your property is well lit, the Vont also includes a 90-degree pivot. The pivot tilts 90-degrees up or down, enabling you to focus on specific areas of your property. Use it to put the spotlight on your home, an entryway, etc.

One of the unique features of the Vont is that you can pivot the lights to face your home and exhibit your house. The ultra-bright LED lights provide a 120-degree light throw that illuminates anything it’s facing.

Easy Installation

Setting up the Vont is hassle-free and quick. Installation doesn’t require any tools and doesn’t require any special knowledge. All you will need to do is stick the stakes of the Vont into the grass, and it’s set up.

Another alternative to installation is to mount the Vont on the wall using the screws provided. Mounting allows you to attach your solar-powered lights to your home, trees, etc., for a higher viewing angle of your home. A more elevated view will enable you to see everything that goes on in your yard.

IPX7 Water & Heatproofing Protection

The solar light is made using high-impact ABS material and an IPX7 wireless waterproof design to ensure that the Vont lasts outdoors through rain or shine. Due to this, the Vont is rain resistant and can withstand any outdoor conditions. This includes any weather, including wind, snow, etc.

Aside from that, the material also ensures that the lights won’t overheat despite the outdoor temperature. Even if you live in a hot climate, the Vont will work properly and won’t experience any issues due to the heat.

A Lifetime Warranty

The Vont comes with a lifetime warranty guarantee. The solar lights warranty covers loss, theft, and defects. The company doesn’t ask any questions and will assist you with any issues that arise with the Vont Solar Lights.

If you’re wary about giving the Vont a chance, you can rest assured because it’s certified. The certifications that the Vont has are CE, FCC, MSDS, UN 38.3, ad RoHS. Certification ensures that you’re getting a quality product.

Buy The VONT LED Solar Lights Here

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