Jordan Corter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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A Tennessee teenager got a gun pulled on him by his friend’s mother as he allegedly attempted to rape her. The incident occurred in Arlington, Tennessee, in the early hours of June 5. The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that Corter is accused of waking his friend’s mother by knocking on her bedroom door at around 2:30 a.m. When the woman opened the door, Corter allegedly pushed her on to her bed, stuck his hands down her pajama shorts and began to touch her genitals.

The friend’s mother managed to fight Corter away, kneeing him in the groin and receiving a black eye in the process. Authorities said there was no penetration during the incident. When she got free, she pulled a gun on Corter and demanded he leaves her home. Corter was in the home for a sleepover.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Corter Told Arresting Officers He Forced the Victim ‘to Do Things She Didn’t Want to Do’

Jordan Corter Facebook page

Facebook/Jordan Corter

Corter is facing charges of sexual battery and criminal attempt rape, according to documents. The WREG report on Corter’s arrest says, citing documents, that Corter told arresting officers he had “forced the victim to do the things she didn’t want to do.” Corter is also reported to have told officers that he “should not be forgiven.” His bond has been set at $30,000.

2. Corter Says He’s ‘In a Relationship’ on Facebook

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Facebook/Jordan Corter

On his Facebook page, Corter says that he is “in a relationship” but does not give the identity of the person he’s in the relationship with. Corter writes in his about section, “Only talk to real mf ppl. If you my n**** hmu.” On his page, Corter listes the Bible among his favorite books.

3. Prior to the Alleged Attack, the Friend’s Mother Brought All of the Alcohol in the Home Into Her Room

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Facebook/Jordan Corter

WREG reports that prior to the alleged assault, Corter’s friend’s mother brought all of the alcohol in the family home into her bedroom. The Fox Memphis report on Corter says that police got involved in the incident when the victim told her boss about the alleged attack.

4. A Relative Told the Media That Corter Is ‘a Good Kid’

Jordan Corter Facebook

Facebook/Jordan CorterA photo posted on Jordan Corter’s Facebook page.

Speaking to WREG, Jordan Corter’s step-grandfather said that the suspect was a “good kid. He just graduated high school.” A resident of that home, in the town of Bartlett, also told the station, “You have to watch who you let in your house, I guess. You can’t be too careful these days.”

5. In a Majority of Cases, Women Find Their Own Guns Turned on the Them at Home

Are Women Safer With Guns?Gun advocates say firearms could prevent sexual assault and keep women safe. But the real-world effects of ladies packing heat aren't so surefire. Sources:“where_there_are_more_guns_more_women_die”_a_harvard_public_health_expert_breaks_down_the_data_on_firearms_and_womens_safety / Share this on Facebook: Share this on Twitter: Subscribe: On the web: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Tumblr:…2016-01-07T17:00:00.000Z

In 2013, NRA executive vice-president Wayne LaPierre said, “The one thing a violent rapist deserves to face is a good woman with a gun.” The Los Angeles Times reported in 2015 that a study by the University of Vermont and the newspaper, that was based on 14,000 intruder crimes, found that in only one percent of cases, guns were used in self-defense. The article goes on to say that in the 300 sexual assaults covered in that study, “the number of times women were able to use a gun to protect themselves were zero.”

An American Journal of Public Health study, that was based on 417 women living in 67 shelters for battered women, a third lived in a home with a gun. While 71.4 percent of those women had a gun used against them. The study says that only seven percent of those women managed to use a gun in self-deense.