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On Monday evening, there was a firestorm of drama online concerning YouTube star Haley Morales, and attacks were flying so quickly, even her own fans couldn’t keep up with what was going on. However, it appears that users were blaming the 15-year-old influencer, who has 508K followers on Instagram, and over 800K subscribers on YouTube, for the suicidal death of one of her super fans, a young girl named Lena.

After direct messages leaked online showing Haley talking badly about Lena’s stan account, @softhvley, which has since been deleted, Lena reportedly posted a story to her Instagram from the hospital after her first suicide attempt, saying it was all Haley’s fault, and after being bullied online, tried again, and is now on life support. Lena has not yet been officially been identified, nor has her alleged attempted suicide been confirmed.

Haley, however, was heavily trolled online for trash-talking her super fan, and was bombarded with blame for Lena’s alleged suicide. Haley responded to the drama with a series of tweets, ultimately saying “I’d take my life for yours in a heartbeat,” and then simply, “I’m sorry.” Below is a photo of the direct messages Hayley sent to a friend, which she has owned up to as being wrong and unkind.

Hayler Morales direct messages

Haley Recently Attempted Her Own Suicide

Making matters even more complicated, it was only a few weeks ago that Haley allegedly attempted her own suicide. In early July, Haley posted on her Instagram story a quote from her momager, Brandi Nicole, seemingly blaming her ex-best friend, Lauren Emily Compton, for causing the attempt.

Therefore, when Haley tweeted to defend herself against being blamed for Lena’s alleged death, her fans called hypocrisy, flooded her Instagram comments with clown faces, accusatory letters, and called for her cancellation.

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While it’s unfortunate to learn Haley was bad mouthing a fan account instead of being grateful for her beloved followers, she is not to blame for Lena’s alleged suicide. And at 15-years-old, it’s unlikely she knew how to approach such strong allegations, especially considering the extremely delicate, and heartbreaking circumstances surrounding the situation.

Hayley tweeted, “firstly, i’m truly sorry to anyone i’ve hurt. but i’m not going to sit here and be blamed for someone’s mental health. suicide is not something that usually pops up when you get hate, plenty of other issues caused this. not just me. i may have been a trigger and for that — I am extremely sorry beyond words. i’m in my bed sobbing for you. i’ve been where you hav. but you can never fully blame someone for a death dealing with mental health. i’ll admit i’ve done it in the past and it was wrong of me. never let someone have that much control over you.”

Haley’s next tweet did not sit well with her fans and people trying to get #hayleymoroalesisoverparty trending online. She wrote, “also, it’s disgusting how you guys can stick up for some who is suicidal but then tell me to kill myself knowing i’m suicidal. the love isn’t in your heart.”

The Online Backlash was Fierce

The cancellation crowd attacked Haley for trying to the be the victim in the situation, and not taking responsibility for Lena’s death. The #justiceforlena started to trend in the early hours on Tuesday morning, and hateful messages flooded Instagram.

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Brandi Nicole Came to Her Daughter’s Defense

With the hate and bullying growing strong online, Haley’s mother Brandi made a response to the backlash on her Instagram story. She posted a lengthy message writing, “What happened is terribly horrible and so sad! But you guys are really believing Haley caused Lena to commit suicide? Why did Haley’s friend (and who is she) show those private messages to Lena, knowing it would hurt her? Has anyone asked her that?!”

Brandi Nicole Instagram story

She followed that up with another message threatening legal action. “Lena, I’m sorry this happened to you and your family. Lena must have been going through something really bad. But ANYONE who blames Lena’s suicide on Haley will have to deal with out lawyers.”

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Ex-Best Friend Lauren Sent Out Condolences to Lena

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After being wrongfully blamed for Haley’s attempted suicide, Lauren sent out a special message to Lena. On her Instagram story she wrote, “rest in peace lena. i’m so sorry about everything that happened and i wish her and her family my sincerest condolences.”

Lauren Emily Compton

While there are numerous unverified accusation being made left and right, Lauren closes her message to her fans with an important message. “Everyone please take this as an example of the impact you words can have, and how greatly your words can hurt someone. please remember to treat people with kindness.”

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