Obama Rejects Marijuana for PTSD, Ignoring Military Suicide Epidemic

In a slap in the face to suffering veterans, the Obama administration rejected a petition to make PTSD sufferers eligible for medical marijuana, reports Military Times.

Consider this against the backdrop of the alarming suicide rate among veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

If a soldier finds marijuana to be a medicine that can relieve him from shell-shocked agony, isn’t that better than the same soldier committing suicide because he couldn’t handle the stress?

Apparently the Obama administration is more concerned with politically correct drug policy in an election year than it is with the lives of heroes who have suffered invisible wounds while fighting for our country.

This is not a pro-weed argument. It’s a pro-troops argument.

Perhaps the White House should watch this video about the science behind this treatment for PTSD:

What do you think? Should soldiers with PTSD be eligible for medical marijuana? How should the government do more to fight military suicides? Start a conversation in the comment section below.

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