The 20 Worst Subtitles

The 20 Worst Subtitles

I love foreign films, but I’m always a little concerned that what I’m reading in the subtitles maybe isn’t quite what they’re saying on-screen. This just gets increased when I watch American films that have been subtitled by foreign translators – a lot of the time, they’re tidal waves of bizarre gibberish. In this article, I give you the 20 most egregiously bad subtitles I have ever seen.

Star Wars Subtitle

Oh, come on. It’s right there! Just type what you see!

Must Dump Subtitle

Okay, okay! What’s Japanese for “too much information?”

Corm Subtitle

Corm on the cob, Corm Flukes, Cormbeard… all favorites.

Kick Solomon's Mind Subtitle

Either this is some serious kung fu or somebody has no idea what “King Solomon’s Mines” are. Possibly both.

Touch My Body Subtitle

This is my favorite song. I danced to it at my wedding.

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