Top Comedy Videos of the Week: Steve Martin, Triumph, Dirty Grandmas

Irish father’s show their affection a little differently, mostly in the way of smashing your sausage toes with a wrench. The Irish call it tough love, but I’m fairly certain the rest of the world would call it child abuse. Either way, happy Father’s Day to all the Irish and non-Irish dads out there.

Chicago’s Weiner’s Circle hot dog stand has a reputation for pooping on the idea of customer service with a smile. Naturally, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is going to fit right in with the less than hospitable staffers. In fact, the ladies may just find themselves outmatched against the politically incorrect pooch.

In case you ever wondered what your nana and her bridge partners thought about the book 50 Shades of Grey (and I seriously hope you didn’t) but were too afraid to ask, there’s now a video to sum things up for you. BDSM fiction isn’t just for 30-something women in their sexual prime, ya know.

Chinese local news is so much cooler than ours. Especially when a naive investigative reporter probes the discovery of a rare, deep-earth “mushroom” that (oops) the rest of us recognize as a fake vagina. The subtitles take this clip from ridiculous to laugh-out-loud hilarious as our trusty reporter describes this “fleshy and meaty” fungus with a feature that “looks like lips.”

Steve Martin’s 1978 album, Wild and Crazy Guy caught him at the peak of his stand-up comedy fame and went on to be one of the most popular comedy albums of all time. At the time of its release, Steve and Warner Brothers had put together a promotional video that was to be used by record stores to push the product. Steve offers up the lucrative prize of $1 dollar to the company that sells the most records and mouths along to some of his classic bits. Even thirty-something years later, the video holds up incredibly well and captures Steve’s untouchable silliness at the time.

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