Extreme Ping Pong Anime Style

What happens when a friendly game of ping pong turns serious? It erupts into an epic battle of domination ending in chaos and destruction. Also, throw in some joke about it reaching “OVER 9000″.


An anime film from Madhouse Studio, Redline is the biggest and most deadly racing tournament in the universe. Only held once every five years, everyone wants to win, including JP, a dare-devil driver with a uniquely customized car.

Persona 4 Anime

For fans of the game, check out this trailer for the upcoming anime based upon Japan’s equivalent of the Scooby gang. But who also fight demons and stuff.

Worst of Netflix: Vampire Wars

This week’s installment tackles Vampire Wars, an anime tale of the undead that makes Twilight look good. Do you know how hard that is?

The 20 Hottest Cosplay Girls

You know, a lot of cosplayers are actually pretty freaking hot. And so, this feature. 20 insanely hot girls dressed as anime, video game and comic book characters. This is how we give back to the community.